LittleBigPlanet: New Gameplay Footage (no audio)

A new gameplay footage of LittlebigPlanet is now up on IGN, but there is no audio.

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Forbidden_Darkness3742d ago

Damn, LBP is going to be so AWESOME!

Veryangryxbot3742d ago

the sky is the limit.

Ultra triple A exclusive. Confirmed.

mesh13742d ago

underwhelming this game wont sell at all i would get it for psn

thereapersson3742d ago

Just give it up, will you? You're not a gamer, so quit fooling yourself.

PopEmUp3742d ago

Mesh i trying to say that he wish that the LPB would be landed on the fixme, which would make him much more happier:P

thereapersson3742d ago

1 hour ago | By: mesh1 | Block

shush if im not a gamer how come i kno wlets say to kill kealthas sunstrdier in stage 1 all raid kkites the warrior then the 2nd stage to dps weopons correctly then he starts spawning pheonixs after you have killed al of his adviceer he lands and btw this is world of war craft im talking about i was in method 1 of the top guilds in europe ive played thousands great games so yes im a gamer i cant say the same for you and your ps3slaves tho.


BTW, Mesh, you're blocked now, so you can't infect me with your stupidity. Have a nice day!

masterg3742d ago

I think this is the best video we have seen of LBP.
It really shows the possibilities, which of course are endless.

It's all physics, and just about anything is possible with physics.

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Nuclearwinter3742d ago

This game is going to drain hours and hours off of many lives. Mine bing one of them. I can't wait.

No FanS Land3742d ago

Best physics ever, period.

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The story is too old to be commented.