Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Final Fantasy XIII

Perhaps the biggest news for the hardcore gaming audience at this year's E3 that doesn't concern delays, to the great annoyance of this market sector, was the fact that one-time PLAYSTATION3 exclusive Final Fantasy XII will be arriving on Xbox360 simultaneously in the US and Europe.

Immediately blamed for the issues concerning Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Electronic Theatre endeavoured to get the facts direct from the source. Firstly, we'll cover the technicalities of the release. When discussing the issue of the Xbox360 release having a smaller capacity than that of the PLAYSTATION3's Blu-ray disc, it was noted that SquareEnix currently are unsure as to how many DVD discs the game will arrive on, but the team are confident they can port Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox360 without having to make cutbacks, looking into ways of compressing the audio and pre-rendered scenes without affecting the quality of their presentation...

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