Persona 4: Dancing All Night Swimsuit Promotional Video

A Persona 4: Dancing All Night update which consists of a new promotional trailer for the game featuring the game's “Woman’s Swimsuit Set” costumes, which will be free DLC for first-print copies of the game.

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ONESHOTV21279d ago

not trying to sound like a perv but come here naoto lol

FullmetalRoyale1278d ago

That's fine. But Chie and the steak are mine.

Spurg1279d ago

There are so many genres they could explore...but they decided to go for this...a fricking rhythm game.

KryptoniteTail1279d ago

I agree. A Card Game, Tactics, or something more offbeat like a Pokemon clone would be best. Anything but Rhythm, basically...or Puzzle. Actually there's a few other turd genres.

HentaiMasterRace1279d ago

Yukiko and Rise are precious!!!!!!

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