New In-Game Screenshots From Rugby League Live 3

Two new actual in-game screenshots have now been revealed for the upcoming Rugby League Live 3 video game.

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Immorals1256d ago

I love rugby, but I can't see there ever being a need for this game!

thorstein1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Agree, proper rugby games should be union. I'm biased, but league always seems like those games you played as kids where you just tackle the kid with the ball. We called it "kill the carrier"

StrayaKNT1255d ago

What are you both talking about rugby league is an amazing sport especially here in Australia

thorstein1255d ago

It's the scrum that makes it fun. I said I'm biased. I played flanker and 8 man. I was also scrum captain on my college team so yeah, union is better. :þ