Consoles will control less than half of the UK games market this year

The success of PS4 and Xbox One hasn’t managed to beat back mobile’s growing dominance of the games market, says research firm Newzoo.

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bunt-custardly1279d ago

Who cares, I just wanna play great games.

DarkOcelet1279d ago

You really should care unless you want developers and publishers making more games on the Mobile and less on the consoles.

Thats really bad news. Hopefully it increases from here on out.

bunt-custardly1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

More people own mobile phones these days but that doesn't mean a massive exodus to the mobile platform imo.

and maybe we get more quality on consoles then and less remasters and rubbish.

To add, I can dig playing games on mobiles too. As a gamer the platform doesn't matter to me as long as all bases are covered.

People have been spouting the doom of consoles with the arrival of mobile gaming for quite some time now yet here we are.

Palitera1279d ago

Surely it will increase... The mobile share.

someOnecalled1279d ago

Actually I want better games on mobile I'm not always stuck in the house. And when I'm out and about I do have moments when I like to play some mobile games. I like how people call themselves gamers but shun mobile games. I want better mobile games I'm not going hate on the potential of it. People here praising remaster but don't appreciate ports to mobile platform. I got final fanasty and GTA sa on my phone I barely even play it on my ps3, but when Im on the move and have a boring down time I can relax and play for a little.

Gamers ain't even gamers anymore they shun anything that's not on their console preference.

hay1276d ago

If every publisher is slowly doing the "mobile is teh futurz" then it's pretty 1+1 that there's going to be a decline. What's curious is the revenue rise despite the share drop. It contradicts what they BS us about.

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KeplerNoMore1279d ago

Unless you are only playing the Candy Crush Saga clones or Clash of Clans ones, then its fine for you, but for the rest of us who buy platforms, upgrade PCs, its not really ok. I guess i will be playing Candy Crush on my Win10 OculusDK2 PC because CANDY CRUSH IN VR OOOOOMMMMGGG

Ocsta1279d ago

Mobile gaming is a scourge and I hate it with every fiber of my being. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Malacath1279d ago

Agreed. Mobile games are all about advertising and putting viruses on your phone. Can't stand them.

fiveby91279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I am not very interested in mobile gaming given the current technology. I am not sure the point of the article? More low end automobiles are sold than high end vehicles too. That doesn't mean there isn't a strong market for luxury or performance cars. If a person wants to slum it on mobile at the expense of pc or console fine by me. But I have always felt the two markets service vastly different needs. For someone on the go alot then a mobile game is great. This only proves the pie has grown not that it is merely divided up differently.

NuggetsOfGod1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Android Master Race!

console peasants will never catch down to us!

DarkOcelet1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Seriously :/

if you said PC MASTER RACE!

I would be like, ok cool. But android, really?

sonic9891279d ago

it might happen we cant predict it as of now .
even sony is gearing towards the PS now and focusing on clouds.
lol PCs are no master race by the way dont know who is the loser who felt so insecure to use that term .

Clunkyd1279d ago

The "PC master race" is just PC fanboys that feel insecure because they feel they're left out for the reason that consoles get a whole lot more attention.

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Hellsvacancy1279d ago

Mobile gaming baffles me, my missis for example, she hates me gaming, she doesn't see the point in it (story driven games etc)

Buuuuuut it's ok for her to play Sim City on her iPhone "you play your Playstation for 3 hours straight sometimes" as to which I reply "yeahhh, but you play on you phone throughout the day, you probably spend more time gaming than I do"

bunt-custardly1279d ago

Can't we all just get along. Why the them and us?

Hellsvacancy1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

People have been saying that for centuries buddy, it's our primal instinct to have conflict with the lesser species

I don't make up the rules otherwise we'll all be high and happy

SaveFerris1279d ago


Do you mean women or mobile phone users who play games? /s


Hellsvacancy1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Man they're gonna kill your comment, two things i've learnt about N4G, don't make fun of Nintendo users and don't make fun of women

n4rc1279d ago

ive never understood this debate or whatever you call it..

mobile gaming taking over.. what exactly? every person that spends 0.99 on angry birds or sudoku is now compared to people dropping $70 on games?

"mobile gaming" is not even close to console or PC gaming in any regard imo

cartoonx11279d ago

well if u actually play some mobile games, there are tons of ppl spending grands of $ on those f2p mobile games. some of those developers arent dumb to adopt mobile development without any benefits. there are really huge profit.

Nodoze1279d ago

How can it be a HUGE profit center for developers. Apple takes 30% right off the top. Sure there are fees for both MS and Sony, but I highly doubt it is anywhere near 30% to release a game on their platform.

I just don't get it.

n4rc1279d ago

well no, i understand that... i watched south park lol

what im saying is comparing the two sectors is like apples and oranges... literally millions of people will buy a game like angry birds and simply play it on the bus or on break at work (or the shitter lol)..

those people arent really "gamers" and are not competition for consoles or PC gaming..

hennessey861279d ago

I hope gaming doesn't go mobile, I fear that consoles will go that way and PC will be the only true gaming platform left. Mobile gaming is where the money is and companies will follow the cash. Its sad to think, But I honestly believe we will only have a maximum of one more genuine home console generation if that.

comebackkid98911279d ago

PC is riddled with F2P and microtransactions, not to mention forces in the industry (Gabe, Cliffy B, etc.) abandoning traditional game design. A falling tide drops all ships.

EvilWay1279d ago

That is because it's free to play on PC. I don't like F2P but. I understand why they are big on PC. Consoles should not have any F2P

comebackkid98911279d ago


Thank pc gamers for allowing it to become the norm.

Rob_Ko1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Actually consoles are the last bastion of traditional AAA gaming, with phisical discs, gaming stores etc.
There are probably 100 times more f2p microtransaction games on PC than consoles, take off that rose colored master race glasses

Myst-Vearn1279d ago

But when you look at the numbers Consoles are selling better than previous gens. so while the 'percentages' of console market share maybe lower, the actual userbase is not . Consoles and PC gaming will still be around for a long time. Remember that Konami has ALWAYS been more than a gaming company, they had gyms and gambling machines etc. They are a unique situation. Big games like GTAV, TLoU, Witcher etc are selling amazingly and making tons of money.

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