The cost of running The Witcher 3 at Ultra in SA is high

MyGaming: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has wowed critics, and for good reason

There’s a lot to be excited about in The Witcher 3, its gorgeous visuals in particular, but can you play it the way it was designed to be experienced, at Ultra settings at 1080p?

Thanks to some unrestricted access to the PC version of the game, Gamestar has reported that an i7-4790K, GTX 980 and 16GB of RAM was what it took to run the game at 60fps on Ultra settings."

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gr33nFIEND2390d ago

Now I'm jelly :( Can you buy me a GTX 980. Pweeease.

mikeslemonade2390d ago

What is this non-american alien speech? R13,398 lol!

I'm all set as well.

nveenio2389d ago

I have a gentle but capable rig with an 8-core 3.8GHz GPU and a GTX770. I also play on my 1050p monitor instead of my 1080p monitor. The difference is negligible, and the framerate is better. I'm also one of the few who values fidelity over framerate, so I don't mind running at 30fps with an occasional dip down to 20-25. For me, it's about immersion, and I respond better to fidelity than framerate. I'd rather be pulled out every fifteen minutes because of a framerate drop than never get pulled in in the first place because the fidelity sucks.

Maybe one day I'll be able to sneak several hundred dollars away from my wife and have both. But for now, I don't like taking such risks with my sex life. =)

NoctisPendragon2390d ago

PC gaming is holding us back .

Biological computers and quantum computers master race ! .

_-EDMIX-_2390d ago

The deep, deep lolz! Bubbles for your intelligence sir! Most don't get that comparing hardware then saying one is holding the other back means nothing if its not supported exclusively to produce high content to begin with.

s45gr322390d ago

Are you being sarcastic isn't ultra settings 4K resolution with 120frames per second.

SantistaUSA2390d ago

I'm curious to see how my GTX 570 will perform at 1080p, it is starting to struggle at high settings on new games. it's getting time to upgrade.

LightofDarkness2390d ago

I was on a 580 since late 2010 and jumped into SLI 970s in October. It's time. I got 4 years out of that little beauty. You've probably gotten even more. All the best GPUs I've ever had were Nvidia. TNT2 Ultra, Ti 4200, GTX 260, GTX 580 and 970. All my ATI/AMD experiences have been lukewarm, sadly, despite my first 3D accelerator being a Rage 3D Pro. Cheers to the green team!

hirobrotagonist2390d ago


it won't

Minimum System Requirements
Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz.
AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940.
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660.
AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870.
OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
DirectX 11.
HDD Space 40 GB.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2390d ago

How you think I would do on my system:

i7 2700k 3.5Ghz
16gb Ram
GTX 970
OS: Windows 10 64bit :)
DirectX 12

Playing on a single 24inch 1080p monitor.

Grap2390d ago

cpu will bottleneck your gpu other than that i guess you are good at high settings. BTW you don't have DX12 lol

Thunder_G0d_Bane2390d ago


Hehe i know its not released yet im just using the Win 10 tech preview its amazing.

Yeah I know my CPU is old but I figure ill wait for the next level of Intel processors to come along before i do a full revamp if I find Ultra hard to achieve on games later this year then for xmas ill build a new rig.

Erik73572390d ago

Bro it's time to upgrade to dx13 for the Witcher 3....dx12 is so last 6 months.

Grap2390d ago

even if you have dx12 The witcher 3 don't support it. btw stay away of preview os if you want to game on your pc cause you don't get latest driver on it.

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SantistaUSA2390d ago

You can't possible think that my set up won't be able to play Witcher 3?

Even though my GTX 570 is 5 years old, it can still handle new games close to high settings at 1080p.

My cpu is an i7 3770k and got 8GB of RAM, well next week I'll be able to check it out and see how it will handle it.

_-EDMIX-_2390d ago

Nothing is wrong with your GPU, merely that The Witcher 3 is a high end next gen only title that requires a 660GTX or up to play it.

Your 570 will be able to play it, but you may have to check the settings, you could be playing on medium to even low.

I'm not really sure how the 660 will do on Witcher 3 when it release, but well see.

I'm getting it on PS4 and just waiting til I build a new rig to play 3 on PC. My HD 5770 won't stand a chance with that game.

esemce2390d ago

If you want 60fps then you will probably have to play it at medium settings, 30fps them mid/high maybe.

Articuno762390d ago

What does "in SA" mean? What is SA?

gr33nFIEND2390d ago

South Africa. It's the arse end of the world for us, sadly :'(

Articuno762390d ago

Ah, I see. I thought it was some PC setting I hadn't heard of or something :P

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