Can Your PC Run The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Better Check Nvidia's System Requirements

For those of you who will be playing CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC, you’d better check the system requirements before you plonk down your hard earned cash.

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Articuno761279d ago

Love how they've gone beyond regular min/recc specs to show us actual resolution and settings.

I have a 970 so I think I'll try and get some of the Gameworks features in there (those wolves look amazing with that sleek fur) but dropping down a few other settings to high/medium to compensate. I can take a hit on shadow resolution and not really feel like I'm loosing out. And I don't really need more than 4xAA.

starchild1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

That chart is pretty neat. I, too, have a 970 so I should be able to get Uber settings at 1920 x 1080. I also have a gsync monitor, though, so I think I likely will be able to use hairworks and still get smooth framerates.

Speaking of hairworks...
That stuff looks amazing.

mikeslemonade1279d ago

I qualify for 1440p with gameworks. It's my 3.5 vram that's the bottle neck. I need DX12 to come save me.

starrman19851279d ago

Damn! That looks great, I'll definitely take a few hits in some settings to get Hairworks running!

I do recall hearing that during the previews they were using machines running 980's and Hairworks really knocked the FPS, everything else was on uber - but I don't think the 980 will cakewalk uber+Hairworks.

Only a few days now guys and gals!

AndrewLB1279d ago

Well it seems my overclocked GTX 780 ti will do just fine @ my display's 1200p resolution. I wonder if they enabled support for using a second nVidia graphics card as a dedicated PhysX processor because I have a GTX 770 in a Hackintosh I built recently that would be perfect for all those GPU accelerated effects.


Hairworks is a very demanding feature. They used it in FarCry 4 on animals like the Yak and it looked incredible.

starchild1279d ago


Yeah, I'm sure the Hairworks is quite demanding. But it looks so damn good and I really hope I can manage to use it. According to Nvidia, not only is it used for Geralt's hair and beard, as well as animals like the horses, bears and wolves, but it's also used on over three dozen kinds of monsters (like the one in the gif, for example).

Nvidia also clarified some of the PC version's other advantages. Some of these include: "higher-resolution textures, higher-quality effects, higher levels of detail", horizon based ambient occlusion (HBAO+), and, of course, uncapped framerates and ultra high resolutions.

They also stated that although all three versions use "NVIDIA PhysX, which adds realistic cloth and destruction effects throughout the game", "on PC, these effects run at a higher detail level and with additional particles that further increase their fidelity and realism".

Those are some pretty nice exclusive graphical features for the PC version. I've also heard some additional settings can be adjusted in the config/xml files. I'm looking forward to see how nice it can look after a little tweaking.

[Thank you, cartoonx1, for pointing out where the gif originally came from.]

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Priestwithgun1279d ago

Have you read ever 17?? Or you picked tht pic from net? :(

starchild1279d ago

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are asking. I did get this gif from somewhere else on the net. Actually I think someone else on N4G posted it earlier, if I'm not mistaken, and that's where I got it from. I just had it open in a tab on my browser and thought I'd share it because it looks so awesome.

Articuno761279d ago

I happen to be JP-EN bilingual, so securing a copy of Ever 17 dirt cheap (in my case the digital PSP version which I played on the Vita) was easy :D

If you dig back a page in my submissions you'll find my review for it.

cartoonx11279d ago

tht GIF is posted by NVIDIA on their website, here is better looking one from their website. i hope it looks as good as advertised. since there were instances where some Nvidia effect didnt look as good, like far cry 4. dragon

Priestwithgun1279d ago

@starchild & cartoonx1 I replied to @Articuno76 :D.

I was asking him/her about the pic,not you starchild :). The girl in pic is protagonist of ever17,a japanese game translated into english. It is one of the finest VN's to be produced. If you want to try a VN(visual novel),play narcissu on steam(its free)

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Kinger89381278d ago

Not sure what frames they are saying we will get but did read somewhere that they aim for 40 in these scenarios when its really busy on screen or something!

Got a 970 last week and im always willing to make a few sacrifices for settings i find more noticeable or to achieve a solid frame rate

Great card mind, love it!

starrman19851279d ago

Oh is that what GameWorks is? I also have the 970 so I will probably do what you are planning too.

Eyesoftheraven1279d ago

I'll have some setting flirting to do at 3440x1440 and a 780Ti sc

Perjoss1279d ago

The demo footage they showed was running on a 980, I have 2 so I should be fine :)

Hasswell-NeverCold1279d ago

Are those 60 fps or that 30?

In any case.. May the dark powers of Ctulhu help my PC to actually run it decently. I'm not a fan of lowering resolution any more.

That could be a bit of a sales pitch, because there are only new cards there.

Deividas1279d ago

I believe usually its 60 fps. But most Spec Requirements from NVIDIA usually are a little bit over the top, like you said, sales pitch.

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