Mortal Kombat Player Takes Revenge After Jerk Teabags His Friend

If you’re gonna be a dick about winning, you probably shouldn’t do it to someone whose best friend is waaaaaaaaay better than you.

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DarkOcelet1278d ago

Thats one hell of a badass player. Such a cool fight. He is a good friend.

Xer0_SiN1277d ago

agreed. that was awesome lol. dude was just trying to have fun.

abstractel1277d ago

RobbinandShoppin is the reason I don't play online. I work full-time for a living, often 60+ hour weeks. I love Mortal Kombat, but the fact that they didn't include a mute option for the other player you're playing against makes it really annoying to play online. All those douche bags. Glad this video made a little bit of news. Like the guy who beat him in the end said, show good sportsmanship. His friend wasn't good, just wanted to have fun, shouldn't mean he should have to be subjected to all that assholery.

Xer0_SiN1277d ago

thunderbear: i feel you. during a game like this, you can kinda guage if your opponent is around your playing style or not. if youre just smoking the shit outta him, hey, give em seconds or something. i know thats what i would do. thats an unwritten old school rule though. guess im showing my age lol.

Hoffmann1278d ago

Breaking News ^^. Thanks Kotaku!

Spudinator2171277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Much respect for him and his friend, I found Battlefield 4 had alot of cocky players too.

ServerBOT1277d ago

I don't know whats worse on bf4, iimmature gamers or cluelss teammates.

fxs091276d ago

add me on bf4 i feel your pain, but we use teamwork to crush those cocky players

Hotabang1277d ago

as cool as that was, i really dont like it when people threaten to post on youtube.

Testfire1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

It obviously wasn't a threat.

I posted one video a long time ago of MK Armageddon with this guy that had a great record, but was trash and was known for quitting if he was going to lose. I slaughtered him with Kabal and the guy quit right before I got my fatality.

Btw, am I crazy or does anyone else think the mechanics of Armageddon are way better than the recent 2 entries?

Hotabang1276d ago

the guy might've been going for the trophy. I dont know, to me this looks like the guy just wants to shame him on the internet. I'd rather he just be happy that he beat him and move on. Too much drama for a silly match, never knew people could go that defensive in an online match

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The story is too old to be commented.