Halo 5 Xbox One “Still A Long Way To Go” ; Studio Head Comments On Statue In Collector’s Edition

343's Studio head Josh Holmes on the development of Xbox One Exclusive Halo 5: Guardians and the statue included with the collector's edition.

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christocolus2388d ago

Cant wait to see Halo 5 campaign at E3.Take your time 343i,make this Halo the best ever.

VER1ON2388d ago

I'm really liking what they did with Spartan Locke. Such an awesome addition to the series. Let's hope we can play some Halo 5 at Gamescom this year.

christocolus2388d ago

I seems 343i are doing a lot more with the Halo story than Bungie ever did.I have a feeling we will get a Halo spin off after Halo 5. The main Halo story will continue with MC but we will get some sort of side story (surrounding Agent Locke or another character).

StrayaKNT2388d ago

The mp beta was better than any other halo and most mp games imo

christocolus2388d ago

Most Halo fans will agree with you. The beta was fantastic.

Sureshot2388d ago

Yet I still got owned every time...

Gazondaily2388d ago

The H5 beta was tough as nails.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2388d ago

Agreed I loved the beta!!!! And i'm usually more into the Campaign.

Cant wait for Halo 5 that and Witcher 3 are my games for this year.

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Halo2ODST22388d ago

Where's the legendary edition ? Also I hope this feels like a halo game this time.

Magicite2388d ago

Ill just leave it here:

XBOX Halo: Combat Evolved - 95.54%

XBOX Halo 2 - 94.57%

X360 Halo 3 - 93.53%

X360 Halo: Reach - 91.79%

X360 Halo 4 - 87.61%

XONE Halo: The Master Chief Collection - 85.23%


As You can see, Halo scores have been falling down since very first one.
I predict Halo 5 to score 80-85.

RiseofScorpio2388d ago

I predict that your an insecure crybaby. Most franchises do do down a few points with every installment. The average for Halo 1-4 on meta is still 93.25 which is higher than any PS franchise ever.

christocolus2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Lol. This guy again? In one of the recent articles about Xbox E3 plans he said it was obvious Scalebound would flop.Lmao. If that isn't a sad fanboy then i wonder what is. Ok bye now Magicite.I hope to see you trolling once again in the next MS/Halo article.

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Walker2388d ago

Halo 5: The Guardian is walking on something like ice, finally the game can be good or can be epic fail

VER1ON2388d ago

Doesn't that apply for most games nowadays?

Allsystemgamer2388d ago

You couldn't even get the games name right idiot.

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Sureshot2388d ago

Me either. Hanging out for that campaign gameplay at e3!

Halo2ODST22388d ago

We don't need 343 releasing another broken game.

xTheMercenary_2388d ago

educate yourself it wasn't 343 who developed Halo MCC it was a secondary developer hired by microsoft. 343 just had to fix there mistakes.

ScorpiusX2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

No delays I want to watch Locke suffer in my play through, seeing how they game is based a choice and I just can't kill him . (Yes a bit warped )

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