The Problem With Wii U's Online

Lack of voice chat and online games is a definite issue for Nintendo.

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wheresmymonkey2394d ago

Yeah lets balance that out with the fact that its completely free and every game has some kind of online connectivity even if it's just posting screens to miiverse.

LOL_WUT2393d ago

I don't think having Miiverse justifies the absence of no voice chat, game invites etc.

PSN when it was free did so much more it's really all up to Nintendo and their willingness to adopt ;)

Moonman2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

You know Nintendo likes to make money right? When they start charging for online we will see you complaining about that too right? lol

I enjoy Wii U games online. More features will come. Miiverse is alive and feels used by millions of Wii U owners. So it's at least a B grade service overall.

gamingpro2393d ago

Nintendo online runs smooth though I can't say the same for psn.

iplay1up22393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

X and Devils 3rd should have voice chat, at least I would think.

That said, there is nothing more annoying than listening to some stranger rambling, singing, yelling, etc, when I am freaking trying to get my game on.

Most of the time, when I hear such crap, they do not even sound old enough to be playing the games I am playing. WTH, If I wanted to play with kids I would go to the park

Then there is always the way over the top person always yelling. Because they think they are in Iraq.

sharinganeric2393d ago

lol, this is so true, but I dont normally have my mic hooked up unless im playing with people I know. X definitely needs it though, I dont know much about Devils 3rd yet...

wonderfulmonkeyman2393d ago

I'll confirm this for you right now: Xenoblade Chronicles X uses keyboard connectivity for chat, like an MMO does.
Devil's Third, however, is confirmed to use voice chat.

iplay1up22393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Double post.

fatneal2393d ago

listen the bottom line is its 2015 some things are gaming industry standard. there are no excuses for it not to atleast be an play and voice chat are should in most cases be implemented in modern games especially the bigger titles that drive hardware sales. it doesnt make or break the value of a game/system but it should be treated with the same industry standard respect as something like rumble or the ability to save games is.

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