Nintendo stay-fit game worries health experts

Experts warn that the game, which assesses players' fitness levels based on their body mass index, labels them underweight, ideal weight, overweight or obese. They say the game could cause eating disorders and self-esteem issues.

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pcz3744d ago

this is old news now, get over it

mfwahwah3744d ago

Ummmm. "Get over it" doesn't fix things like this...

Yuji Naka3744d ago

It does fix things like this.

Destroyer2293744d ago

This is just another example of how politically correct nintendo is.

f7897903744d ago

I'm tired of fat people not knowing they are fat. Especially if they are morbidly obese and say they are only a little overweight.

pcz3744d ago

do you really think nintendo didn't do research for wii fit? of course they have advisors. i bet the health expert was labeled overweight and got offended.

people will always blame something else for their own problems.. 'oh wii fit made me ill' ... yeah right.

Tacki3744d ago

Hey if I owned a Wii Fit I'd feel bad about myself too.

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