Dungeoneer Review: Don't Come Near This Dungeon: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - In my time playing Dungeoneer, I asked myself, at what point does a game stop being a stepping stone towards better, more complex games of its genre, and instead devolves into one devoid of style, depth, and worth? How can one differentiate between the two? As someone who has little experience with the first-person RPG dungeon crawler, I looked forward to playing Dungeoneer, as it would give me a taste of the genre and prepare me in going forward. Things went smoothly at first, as I bought some basic gear at the town and easily fought my way through the first floor of the dungeon, all while a catchy but generic and unfitting tune played in the background. But after ascending through the game’s advertised ten floors, its overly simplistic nature started to show itself, and all interest waned.

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