Xbox One Plus The Witcher 3/Batman: Arkham Knight & More for Just £269.99 (£10 Cheaper Than PS4)

Xbox One plus a free game for £269.99? Not too bloody shabby.

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SourtreeDing1256d ago

why does europe get these crazy bundles i dont understand ... i would jump on this.. + a Kinect

chrish19901256d ago

Because David Cameron and his mates just won the election meaning that everyone in the UK will be going broke in the next couple of years so retailers are trying to get the money from us while we still have it.

1256d ago
morganfell1255d ago

Oh the poor are being victimized by the rich. Someone please help because my current state of poverty couldn't possibly be my own damn fault. The world owes me!

lelo2play1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Not Europe, it's mostly UK. In Portugal we don't get these crazy deals.
If we got some of these crazy deals in the rest of Europe, I'm sure the X1 would sell way more consoles.

kraenk121256d ago

They do deals like this in Germany for a year or so already yet still no one wants one.

DanzoSAMA1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

the crazy deals only in US & UK

RosweeSon1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

You mean crazy that the games aren't even out yet I mean batman is over a month away and already being bundled in, think I'd wait until the actual game is out as in 4-6 weeks there will be different bundles.
But different with the batman console and game but when they are trying to shift standard consoles with games that are still a few weeks nothing out already that they could have bundled it with?

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