Madden NFL 2010 Info Leaked - On Field Refs & Chain Gang Set To Return Next Year

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"Last year at E3, we were able to unearth information about a yet to be released NFL Head Coach game which ended up being confirmed several months later. This years conference has its share of surprises as well."

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Twizlex3742d ago

I don't care what EA does. I mean, what ever happened to "It's in the game"?

Nostradavis3742d ago

Well, it looks like they are working on it.

Twizlex3742d ago

Whatever, I'll stick with Madden 2001.

Nostradavis3742d ago

Does anyone even care about EA Sports anymore?

DarkSniper3742d ago

Dark Sniper believes that Refs should be kept out of the game. Yes it does add to the realistic experience, but there have been many times where he has thrown a deep pass over the middle just for the referee to pass interference his route.

Keep the refs OFF.


Nostradavis3742d ago

Maybe they will allow for a feature which turns them off for Dark Sniper.

Twizlex3741d ago

DarkSniper's avatar has nothing to do with snipers, and DarkSniper also has trouble deciding whether his name is one word or two. Also sometimes spells sniper with a dollar sign. DarkSniper needs to find himself a DarkCorner to sit in and think about why he refers to himself in the third person.

Sven Benoit3742d ago

are you telling me that its taking 4 years to finally add on field refs and the chain gang on a NEXT-GEN system!?!?!? damn.... on field refs and chain gangs were on madden 93 for god sakes!

Shortstop3741d ago

Think about your comment for a second. How simple were the refs and chain gang in '93? They were just sprites essentially.

Now though, they not only have to design and create the ref characters, they also have to give them AI to avoid the ball, players, etc. Simply put, they were waiting for a year in which they weren't developing for more important areas (ie. gameplay) to do this.

Wurider3741d ago

All they are doing is adding features that should have been in the game from the start. Every body oohs and aahs at the screenshots but so many of you fail to realize that the pics that they show are never in game footage but rather zoomed in replays. Everyone says that Madden will be good next year but when the game comes the the graphics are always the same

Nostradavis3741d ago

I agree these are features they should have had from the start but it is still nice to know that we will be getting them next year. The game is all we have when it comes to NFL so I for one am happy.

the_RED_SCARE3741d ago

The last time I checked, replay footage was the actual game footage. What's wrong with the graphics not changing? Madden 08 was the best looking football game, ever. Don't give me Blitz the league, that game looked horrible, and All-Pro Football looked like crap.

The visuals look great. They fix and upgrade every year. This year it seems to be the stadiums and updated player models, which look great.

People are too busy destroying Madden just because they hate EA when in reality, Madden (besides 06 on 360) has always been a very good football game.

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