Nintendo President Briefly Talks About The NX

We know next to nothing about Nintendo’s next gaming device other than it’s called the NX and it’s a dedicated gaming platform. Speculation seems to point towards it being a home console and handheld hybrid of sorts sharing the same OS. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has briefly talked about the system with investors and has assured them that we won’t hear any details until 2016.

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Concertoine1278d ago

If they arent going to talk about it at all until next year, its likely coming out in 2017/18

-Foxtrot1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Well Sony/Microsoft revealed their console the same year it came out.

So Nintendo could still show it off early 2016 then release it for the Holidays.

Hopefully with their own "Nintendo Experience" event, not a direct because I think a console reveal needs something a little bit bigger.

The rest of the details will then be saved for E3.

AKR1278d ago

3DS is 4 years old. Wii U is 2.5. New 3DS just came out and the Wii U has finally began climbing. The PS4 and the XBOX One would just be turning 3 by then, which gives up at least another 2-3 years minimum.

In other words: Bad idea.

Concertoine1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

That wouldnt really fit the pattern though. They revealed the Wii in 2005, released 2006. Wii u was shown in 2011, released 2012.

Plus they have no studios free to have a solid launch line up. No way theyd make that mistake again. Rumor is Next Level and Retro are making Wii U games, IS making Paper Mario, Mario kart team is still making DLC, Smash team is still making DLC. EAD studios are still making Star Fox, Yoshi, Zelda, etc.

I can't see them having a solid launch by 2016.

MrSwankSinatra1278d ago

Doubt it, all Nintendo consoles have had a five year life cycle with the one exception that is the original wii which had six year life cycle.

BattleAxe1278d ago

"Well Sony/Microsoft revealed their console the same year it came out."

Well Sony and Microsoft are completely different animals than Nintendo. Usually the things they do make some sort of sense most of the time.

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comebackkid98911278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Nintendo has never been in such dire straits (relevancy-wise) Holiday 2016

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

Nintendo is still quite relevant.
If they were not, they'd be announcing the cancellation of NX and a move into some other field.

Neonridr1278d ago

oh I'm sure Nintendo can coast by on a few bucks here and there from the handheld front until 2017.

Apex131278d ago

Personally I think it will 2016 Japan and 2017 everywhere else.

wakeNbake1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The NX better have that competent hardware, and AAA third party support, or else....

Wolfbiker1278d ago

Or else nothing. Nintendo will keep on trucking and making kick ass games.

benji1011278d ago

AAA support is not up to Nintendo.
The wii u could have triple A support right now, if the triple A publishers decided to give it triple A support. The NX could have a titan in it and it still may not get support.

Have you any idea how much crap is going on in this industry? It is dog eat dog. Xbox and PS are constantly fighting for an edge from the triple A publishers. Deals are done that cut license costs. Deals are done that cover marketing.

It used to be that third parties had to pay to be on a console. Now the third parties are holding the consoles to ransom.

comebackkid98911278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I'm sure 3rd parties were considered when designing the Wii U, anything else would be insane rite?

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

Nintendo doesn't get to decide how well third parties will do on NX.


And if all they do is unadvertised ports with less content, because Nintendo didn't pay them and beg, then we won't help their games sell.

As a consumer, I don't want excuses.
I WANT EFFORT AND EQUAL TREATMENT, from third party games.
That means new original games, not ports of games that they'll only get around to releasing for the NX later than others.

Nothing less than that will make me, or anyone else, get third party games on NX.

Wolfbiker1278d ago

My prediction is that the 'NX' will be two separate devices, one a handheld and the other a console. They will have all the same buttons and specs, basically a little more powerful than the Wii U.

The 'new' thing will be they both will run the same OS and access the same eshop and games with seemless cross save function.

Sgt_Slaughter1278d ago

It's not going to replace the Wii U, per Iwata's statement earlier...

So now I am 100% confused.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

A long while back, Iwata mentioned that the Wii U was "upgradeable".
Perhaps the NX will function in that way?
It would be a separate device that both the 3DS and Wii U can hook up to, but for different reasons.
I don't know what it would do for the N3DS, but for the Wii U, it could function as that supposed upgrade, a unit that hooks up to the Wii U to increase its capabilities, and that can get new parts added to it over time just like a PC.

It would certainly fit the bill of not replacing the Wii U, that way.

Dario_DC1278d ago

This new console is coming out sooner than most people think and they are gonna drop all the support for the Wii U right there and then

TripC501278d ago

You didn't read the article

Dario_DC1278d ago

I actually did.
All I said is what I think it's gonna happen.
Nintendo might keep quiet about the new system for now, but I really think this is a Wii U replacement.
Hopefully it's not some mobile games centric crap.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

Nintendo said, point blank, that this is not going to replace the Wii U.
You need to stop thinking it will.

comebackkid98911278d ago

No. They said it's not a "simple" replacement a.k.a. a 3rd pillar (what the ds was dubbed before replacing the gba).

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