PS4 Console Plus The Witcher 3 for Just £279.99 is Probably the Best Deal of the Year

Deals come and go, but this one is a bloody corker. A PS4 with The Witcher 3 for less than £280? It's a no brainer.

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itsjustexuma1278d ago

I thought the ine with the ps4, the last of us, the order 1880 and bloodborne was the best bundle so far

Hellsvacancy1278d ago

Tesco's are doing a PS4, Witcher 3 and Bloodborne for £299, I couldn't resist

Hellsvacancy1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The link is here if anyone is interested

It says £319, at the checkout it gives you a code to enter taking £20 off

The hardest part is waiting for it to be delivered