Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition Box Art Certainly is Minimalist, Available to Pre-Order Now

As expected, Ubisoft are flogging as many versions of Rainbow Six Siege as they can get away with.

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DarkOcelet1257d ago

I guess its official now. In order to get a complete games from Ubisoft, you have to pay 90$ eh?

I will wait till it gets a major discount.

SourtreeDing1257d ago

man shut up. ppl that complain about DLC are ppl that are bums that dont work or dont like to spend money.. yes everyone has difference priorities.. i for one dont care if a game has DLC. if i want it ill buy the DLC... i dont feel like its taking away from the game at all..

Some ppl get caught up on all this internet bs talk man and just jump on the wagon to pressure Developers to stop doing DLC.. all thats just needs to stop of course everyone has a different opinion

chrish19901257d ago

I think it's more the fact that Ubisoft have become notorious for holding back content in addition to adding microtransactions to games that don't warrant it. Or maybe it's just people remember the good old days where you pre ordered a game because there was a genuine chance it wouldn't be availanle day 1, you paid for your game and that was it, no constant marketing in your face every time you turn a game on. Just my couple of pennies.

HaveSumNuts1257d ago

Trust Ubisoft to announce Gold Editions and season passes before the actual release date of the damn game.

KarmaV121257d ago

Just Ubisoft eh? Look around, everyone does it.

Neixus1257d ago

This game will probably sell mediocre, after the 'meh' impressions people had from the beta.

More and more people are jumping over to CS if they want some 5 on 5 action.
Also, exciting tournaments to watch.

SaveFerris1257d ago

Shooting bad guys in the face is a art /s

MetroidFREAK211257d ago

Does anyone know if you can digitally preorder this game?