Nintendo at E3 2015 - No Zelda, No Problem?

A Gamepad is damaged, amiibo almost die, and Jason stutters like a moron!

Thoughts on Nintendo at E3 2015 without Zelda are also tackled.


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Metallox2391d ago

Nintendo has had three E3 showcases in a row without a main Zelda game for home consoles to talk about (Wind Waker HD doesn't count). They will be fine.

maniacmayhem2391d ago

Exactly, people seem to forget that Nintendo has a lot more main stream and anticipated exclusives than just Zelda.

wonderfulmonkeyman2391d ago

My biggest and most important wish, is for a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles X within the next two or three months.

Anything else beyond that is totally an open book waiting to be filled as far as I'm concerned.

I wouldn't mind Bayonetta 3...

Xof2390d ago

You really think that's going to happen?

Unless Nintendo pulls a fast one on us and announces a Starfox release date this year, or some other big unannounced game on WiiU this year, Xenoblade is pretty much all they've got for the latter half of 2015. That pretty much means it HAS to have a November or December release date, regardless of any other circumstances.

wonderfulmonkeyman2390d ago

Way to forget about Devil's Third and Splatoon, not to mention unrevealed games that are in the works.
Seriously, if you want Nintendo to be about more than Mario, start giving due credit to games like Devil's Third instead of dismissing them as "niche" or whatever else you can come up with.

Xof2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I did forget about Devil's Third... but isn't Splatoon coming out this summer? And Mario Maker, too?

Hell, Splatoon is coming out this month. And -no one- is talking about Devils Third, so no matter how you cut it, the last half of 2015 is looking pretty damn barren for WiiU.

And why do fanboys always think "unrevealed games" are a valid counterargument to a lack of games?

benji1012390d ago

Starfox is releasing this year...

Sly-Lupin2390d ago

Starfox may release this year, it may not. It still hasn't even been unveiled.

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Xof2390d ago

If they're not going to talk about Zelda U at E3, they sure as hell better have several other unannounced games to talk about. They're keeping their platforms afloat almost entirely via first-party titles, after all--they have to have something new to show if they want to sustain them going forward.