How the Mighty Have Fallen: Konami’s Self-Disintegration Effect

Its only a matter of time before this rusting ship completely breaks down.

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Romudeth1255d ago

Konami is done. It's sad to see one of the giants of gaming sink so low.

Venomousfatman1255d ago

After everything thats happened recently, it might be a real thing to think about. They're shifting focus a lot to mobile and other avenues away from making AAA games.

But the worst is how they've handled Kojima controversy and their overall image. No company that is on sturdy ground would do what they have lately.

blackblades1254d ago

Yeah they need to sell there IPs if they're not going to be used at all.

anash6111255d ago

It's incredible how far these guys have fallen in a matter of only two months. Kojima, Silent Hills, it's like one big domino just falling.

Venomousfatman1255d ago

It has to be a nightmare of a job right now for someone working in Konami's PR department. I'd feel bad for them at this point.

TFJWM1254d ago

Actually it's the easiest PR job since they say nothing

MoreGravyPleez1255d ago

They nailed their own coffin. This "Mobile first" BS is their death march.

It's very sad really. Hopefully they don't drag their IP's into the ground with them if they do one thing smart and auction them off before the inevitable end.

Venomousfatman1255d ago

I don't know whats worse though.

The fact they are going all in on mobile stuff and away from AAA game development, or the possibility that series like Metal Gear Solid will lose a whole lot of clout being pushed out in other less stellar ways. (IE: MGS mobile games, pachinko machines, treadmills, bottled water, ect.)

dreamed1254d ago

I would guess they are gonna turn all their ip's into mobile games rather than sell them off ?.

sagesurge1254d ago

RIP Konami, this further proves that no one is too big to fall

deadpoolio3161254d ago

OMFG They are not failing or going under....They are not going bankrupt....Nobody is getting fired....PERIOD!!!!

GET OVER IT....Its simple elementary school level business 101. They make the majority of their boat loads of money in JAPAN. Even further on mobile gaming, casinos, hotels, slot machines etc....

Unless your half retarded or live in fantasyland in business when you are losing money in a certain area i.e. make a game like MGS5 for 60 million plus advertising, plus the dev team, plus R&D you stop either full on or you pull way back and focus on EVERY other area of your company that profits

TheCommentator1254d ago


Yeah... um... nevermind.

Venomousfatman1254d ago

I think you're going to want to go reread the entire article, as well as all of the news related to it. Then you'll realize why everyone is feeling the way they are about Konami.

rbailey1254d ago

not the least bit surprised by Konami's actions. The company deserves to die for ditching Silent Hills and not giving Kojima free reign to do whatever he wants with his franchise.

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