The Witcher 3’s First 40 Minutes on Xbox One Show Gorgeous Visuals and Gameplay Aplenty

Here are the first 40 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on Xbox One. Of course the video includes spoilers.

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gangsta_red1257d ago

Have you ever looked at a game and just thought this may be to big for me to fully enjoy and still have a life. This game seems to be one of them.

Abriael1257d ago

Real life is overrated :D

1257d ago
Letthewookiewin1257d ago

@Ulysses- What dose that even mean? Dualshockers is a great site.

someOnecalled1257d ago

Look a ghost posted. This site is haunted . and so is my spaghetti O's.

Immorals1257d ago

Yes, forza horizon 2.

I just returned to 'the outside world',, and now I must return into my cave for this game.

Wonder how my girlfriend is doing..

Bigpappy1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

She is okay. She thinks is weird I don't sleep with a pillow under my head. I don't mind those silly comments.

Clover9041257d ago

Haha, I'm in the same boat. I was talking to a buddy and he asked me if I was planning to pick up The Witcher.

"The Witcher? Nah, probably not."

"What, really? It doesn't look good to you?"

"Oh, the game looks brilliant. But my relationship was getting a little rocky when Bloodborne released. There's no way she's sticking around until I platinum 200+ hours The Witcher!"

Don't know who I'm kidding. I'm picking up this gem day one :)

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Satyre281257d ago

I really feel bad for my social life when i get this game. It will be nonexistent for some time lol.

MasterBaker1257d ago

Wow, this looks beautiful on all platforms

starchild1257d ago

It does. And that is why some people are trying so hard to downplay it. Certain PC fanboys don't like the fact that it looks this good on consoles, and they're probably still upset the series is no longer PC exclusive, so they talk about "downgrades" and this gives them an excuse to complain about consoles "holding PC back". Then you have certain Sony fanboys that can't stand when multiplats look amazing, since in their deluded minds only Sony exclusives can look great. This is honestly where most of the downgrade talk is coming from. It's a transparent attempt to downplay the game's visuals in general. I only currently own a gaming PC, PS4 and PS3, but I'm not going to ignore the obvious.

GribbleGrunger1257d ago

"Then you have certain Sony fanboys that can't stand when multiplats look amazing, since in their deluded minds only Sony exclusives can look great."

I don't honestly think that's where most Sony fans are coming from. Perhaps those Sony fans that are very young but certainly not from more mature Sony fans. Most Sony fans would be quite happy if ALL versions looked more or less identical. The complaints only arise if a game looks worse or has more technical issues on the PS4 because of the slight power advantage and simpler, easier to code for architecture.

methegreatone1257d ago

Certain PC fanboys don't like the fact that the PC version is missing features that we saw earlier in trailers and the 35 minute demo. It's that simple. None of us are angry because you're getting a good experience. Stop making us out to be jerks.

If the PC version is missing those features for the sake of parity, then it's bad. CDPR should get some flak for it. Parity for the sake of "We want the same experience on all platforms" is just bullshit. Whether it's b/w PS4 and XBOX, or PC and consoles.

The game looks great, but it looked mindblowing some time back. CDPR were really going to push graphics again like they did with TW2. It clearly doesn't look as good, and you can figure out that specific features were removed by analyzing gameplay footage.

' excuse to complain about consoles "holding PC back"'

whatever people say, that's true, at the end of the day, for some games. Since they decided to go with parity, they did cut a bunch of features. I love consoles too, especially for the exclusives, but the fact is they have held certain games back, especially last gen. The Crysis series was destroyed because they went on consoles.

Forget about graphics. That was the least of the dumbing down. The worst part was that the gameplay, the complexity, the complex simulation was completely gone. Crysis 2 was just a shooter with more otions than most other shooters, which isn't saying a lot. So much of the simulation and most importantly - interactivity, was gone.

I honestly shudder to think how good fps games would be today if Crytek stayed on PC. Where gameplay and interactivity would be... not to mention mindblowing visuals as well.

Consoles held Skyrim back too.

Thankfully, the gameplay of TW3 seems to be fully fleshed out and as complex as ever. That's great.

MCTJim1257d ago

I'll be picking this game up next week :D It will pull me away from Neverwinter.

Moldiver1257d ago

I been playing neverwinter to (now a level 60) coming off that onto this is going to be nuts. I still have my digital download of Pcars that I have yet to play properly thanks to my two forza games.

And there is still a bunch of X1 games I want. throw in the post E3 stuff and its clear my xbox is going to get no rest this year.

illtownNJONE1257d ago

Preloaded it this morning tuesday feels like a year away now

gamertk4211257d ago

If it's preloaded, I believe it actually unlocks 7pm Monday night for you in East Coast.