Star Wars: Battlefront Leaked Info. Closed Alpha, New 40-Player Game Mode & AI Controlled AT-AT

FreakOrama writes: "I got in contact with an insider who got to play EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, and we got some nice or not so nice info from his play session. I couldn't get a screenshot or an unreleased asset from the game to back this leak, so take it however you want. Keep in mind that things might drastically change nearing release as these pieces of info are coming from a really early build of the game."

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Drithe2388d ago

40 player gamemode? These guys couldnt get the 64 man game mode for BF 4running at first for the ps4!

bmf73642388d ago

They want to keep the player-cap at 40 but they're going probably have AI combatants like in other Battlefronts...

TheRedButterfly2388d ago

Being and EA dev, I bet that they could call up Respawn and borrow some of their experience with Titanfall's AI elements. Hopefully they're a little more effective though. Titanfall's grunts are basically tissue paper disguised as cannon-fodder.

bmf73642387d ago

@TheRedButterfly AI is always difficult to master for first person shooters.

The_Sage2388d ago

Back under the bridge troll! (whacks on head with stick)

Solid_Penguin-642388d ago

Throw in the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch for good measure. Just remember to throw it on the count of three. Not once, not twice, but thrice!

The_Sage2388d ago

Solid_penguin... LMAO. I shall then fart in his general direction.

3-4-52388d ago

64 players didn't make Battlefield 4 or Hardline good games did it ?

No it didn't.

Are implying that any shooter that has less than 64 players is some how bad?

which would be every shooter outside of like 5 games ?

* Can't wait to play this.

I'm loving 6v6 in Destiny, so 40 player battle sounds awesome as well.

OUROSMAG2388d ago

Stopped reading at "couldn't back this leak"

TripC502388d ago

I have a prediction.

Mad Max(video game)/Mad Max Fury Road.
Will be better than

Star Wars Battlefront/Star Wars the Force Awakens.

Koopdogg2388d ago

Woh Woh i think you've one too many bowls of coco pops.

Mad Max Fury Road better that The Force Awakens , I think not !!!!!
TBH putting either both the games against each other or the movies against each other is stupid.
Might aswell put a cat beside a horse,two completely different things to be comparing with !!!!!

TripC502388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Just saying, 75 ish dollars may be better spent on Mad Max than Star Wars this year. We'll have to look back on it when everything releases. Who knows, I may walk out of the movie theater in December pulling my hair out in frustration or swinging an imaginary saber around in joy. Mad max has a good head start I hear.

anyways I'm more of a dog person so horse beats cat all day for me. :)

Antifan2388d ago

Mad Max video game looks like it will definitely be a classic hit like Shadow of Mordor.

gbonez2388d ago

Ok so the imperials capture half the points and get a AT AT. What do the rebels get? An AT AT too? That doesn't seem very authentic

Solid_Penguin-642388d ago

Obviously Chewie stole it ;)

Sayburr2388d ago

"Now if one of the teams managed to capture the middle point/area, then a AI controlled (aka not player controlled) AT-AT will spawn and will start advancing and attacking from the middle capture point towards the remaining enemy captured areas.", the rebel alliance has AT-ATs to attack the Empire with???

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