Final Fantasy XV: Pushing the formula beyond the limit break

Most importantly it seems to be throwing out the Final Fantasy rulebook, developing an entirely new kind of experience. The wide-reaching alterations have resulted in a game that is shrouded in even more mystery and anticipation than even this most venerable of series usually enjoys. Failure to provide something truly special will likely trigger a serious bout of disappointment throughout a fanbase that views the franchise in incredibly high esteem.

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Kurisu1305d ago

The demo was good and I'm looking forward to playing the updated version with changes made from player feedback.

kayoss1305d ago

I really miss the cinematic of Summons. They were one of the highlights in final fantasy games. It would be cool if they've added the Knights of the Round Summon in Final fantasy 15 as fan service.

Tales RPG addict1305d ago

While FFXV has potential i'm going to be cautiously optimistic atm. I still wanna get FFXV regardless,but i'm more stoked about "Xenoblade Chronicles X."

Xenoblade Chronicles is awesome, its sad how FF13 was such a massive waste of potential.I know i played the game and beat it.

Solcis_skylus1305d ago

have you noticed similarities between the heartless of kingdom hearts and the goblins of ffxv?goblins might be special even in the story,they also have a special battle theme..their behaviour is similar to heartless,they pop out of the grond in the cave the same way the heartless do

KryptoniteTail1304d ago

That rulebook they threw out? That was Final Fantasy.

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