Microsoft Punishes Gears Leakers By (Temporarily) Bricking Xbox Ones

Did you know that Microsoft has the ability to turn Xbox Ones into bricks? Some people are about to find out the hard way very soon - Kotaku

gamer11383354d ago

To be fair. These guys will have accepted Terms and Conditions that forbid them from sharing the game so it's heartless, but they were most likely warned.

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blackblades3354d ago

Yeah that's what they get, nobody likes a leaker it just ruins the surprise. E3 coming up they're better not be any leakers.

lelo2play3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

I agree. Sue The Bastards. They signed contracts so must pay the price... now please, give us more gaming leaks :)

Kribwalker3354d ago

It's totally fair. I game tested plants vs zombies garden warfare a year and a half before it was announced and I had to sign a non disclosure agreement to do it. As much as I wanted to say the rumours were true and it was a blast to play when people brought rumours about it out I couldn't say a word.

nosferatuzodd3354d ago

The part that concerns me is Microsoft can brick youre system from the comfort of their office this is troubling and no one sees where this is heading

SilentNegotiator3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

It takes a special kind of fanboy to be accepting of a company remotely bricking hardware.

By all means, sue them and ban them from XBL for breaking disclosure, but brick hardware remotely? Absolutely not okay. I don't care how long it's for, no company should be testing the waters for remote hardware bricking in any situation, unless it's a Microsoft employee on a Microsoft owned console.

We need to end the monster that is giant corporations turning everything into "services" so that they have 100% control over their use, like hardware and software (that is used entirely on their own computer, except for the arbitrarily virtual key that allows it to start). You can ban us from your online services or sue us if we break a signed non-disclosure or steal keys from a company (like those "geniuses" that "hacked" the ps3), but when we buy hardware or software for local use, it belongs to us; not the corporation.

gangsta_red3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

"no company should be testing the waters for remote hardware bricking in any situation."

It also takes a special type of fanboy to truly not understand the situation that is going on here. MS isn't bricking these Xbox's for sh**s and giggles these people broke an arrangement. There not testing waters as you put it, these people broke a signed agreement and leaked info to the public, so now they are banned from MS services.

By the way by "bricking" this means that these offenders cannot access Xbox Live, but they can still play games just not online.

"We need to end the monster..."

Any suggestions or are you just going to bark about it?

"..but when we buy hardware or software for local use, it belongs to us; not the corporation."

And you can still use it locally just not online because you are using THEIR provided services that you intentionally agreed to when you clicked the Agreed button before going online.

magiciandude3354d ago

Like Gangsta_Red said, bricking means stripping features from the user. That includes online access which is standard practice for serious offenders. I doubt MS would ever go as far as bricking the entire system, but honestly I wouldn't blame them for that if they do, either.

Conzul3354d ago

Um, no, @magician, bricking means BRICKING.
As in, it's a USELESS BRICK.

There is no such thing as a partial bricking. Unless you like being an oxymoron.

BeefCurtains3354d ago


Chill out. MS didn't brick their boxes, they restricted them from features. Did you read their NDA? Yeah, I didn't think so. Whatever the punishment was, I am sure is explicitly described in the NdA, which breaking an NDA and the terminology used in one isn't "signing a widdle piece of paper,". It's a serious agreement written by the best attorneys that MS can afford, and ANY leak, especially one as big as what Gears is for MS, will come with hefty consequences. And in all reality, I wouldn't be surprised to read about a lawsuit in the coming days.

Before you comment next time, read the f***ing article and make an actual contribution to the discussion with the rest of the adults in the room.

SilentNegotiator3352d ago

In which case, "bricking" is not at all the term that this article should have used.

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StarLord_Who3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

To be fair, To be fair To be fair To be fair. But To be fair To be fair To be fair, To be fair To be fair To be fair.

Why the hell did you start your sentence with "To be fair?" you had the first comment, nothing was unfair yet! Het a new phrase both of you.

Eddie201013354d ago

Why would Microsoft allow a regular console owner to play the game before an official announcement, not very bright to me.

KellyKandy3353d ago

If they broke the T's & C's then they are liable.

NuggetsOfGod3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

thank u Microsoft for confirmation of the games legitimacy.

seems I am getting xbox now.

Bobby Kotex3353d ago

To be fair, this story is bullshit.

caffman3353d ago

They signed a NDA, they get paid as well for doing betas through that company so they deserve everything they get

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AngelicIceDiamond3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Phil Spencer and Bungie weren't not happy last year when the MCC got leaked. And nobody got punished for it.

Before people start to demonize MS I understand they turned a new leaf and are way more consumer and gamer friendly. But that doesn't mean they'll condone leaks of any kind. Disciplinary action should happen. These are multi million dollar games here that they are saving for the grand stage. And its no different for Sony or Nintendo.

MS is under NDA in all of first party and third partry not even Phil Spencer can talk about Gears or any game for that matter unless he clears it with 1st party PR first. The punishment is temporarily bricking their X1.

TEMPORARILY. Not a even full ban MS is being to nice this time around.

Neonridr3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

I don't disagree with this punishment at all. Everyone who works at game studios or testing facilities know that they are bound to NDA's. It's their own fault.

AngelicIceDiamond3354d ago

Sorry I mean't 343. But its there own fault regardless.

SmielmaN3354d ago

I can't blame MS for protecting their property. The ability to brick a console is one epic ban hammer though!

rdgneoz33354d ago

While I do agree they should be punished and they're lucky they're not getting sued as well.

"Temporarily" is debatable. People have gotten temporary bans 1 month to several years. Hell, one person got banned till the year 31/12/9,999 ( http://i.kinja-img.com/gawk... - hilarious reason though)
and another got banned till the year 10,000 AD ( http://www.bit-tech.net/new... )

Eonjay3354d ago

I really don't agree with either. I just don't think any company should have a right to brick something you paid for. I also feel that people should accept the terms of their participation.

MSBAUSTX3354d ago

Then you may want to never click the I AGREE button when creating an xbox live or PS Plys account. It clearly states that you can have something like this happen if you violate their guidelines. Kind of how the orriginal xbox would get you banned from xbox live if you had a modded system loaded with stolen games. Would you rather they had been sued for a million dollars? Because that could have happened. They literally stole from MS. They are lucky they arent in jail. The worst that has happened is they lost a $400 system temporarily. Pretty easy pubishment IMHO.

KarmaV123354d ago

I don't think one person who tests a game for an hour has the right to release the first look at a game to the world. The developers make a game, they are the ones putting hundreds of hours of work into building something for the consumer, then one consumer comes along and ruins the news.

Imagine you are set to announce a game in a few weeks, that you have been working on for 3 years. Do you want some selfish kid to show it off to the public before you have the chance? Something you have put hundreds of hours, your blood, sweat and tears into, and all of the sudden that magic and passion you feel when you are soon to announce it is just gone out the window.

It pisses me off that people have the nerve to just ruin it for devs. Without developers we wouldn't have any games. How about we show them some respect rather than complaining and picking them apart all the time.

Eonjay3354d ago


Then revoke the license on the demo or ban the member from participation... but don't brick the whole damn system.

4Sh0w3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

"I really don't agree with either. I just don't think any company should have a right to brick something you paid for."

-OK lets forget about what monetary impact this may have but as KarmaV12 said the real crime is that this is something that a large group of people have put hundreds of hours, their blood, sweat and tears into and all it takes is 1 person who you gave the privilege of testing it out and all you asked in return was that he not tell anybody. He gave you his word, you trusted him and now for your kindness your hardwork is exposed to the public before YOU are ready= Despite how dishonest this is on the users part, you think he should get a slap on the wrist while the people who worked hard have to take their valuable time that could be spent focused on the game and now at least spend some of it running damage control, issuing warnings, asking sites to remove content.

-IMHO, that type of thinking is a big problem in America today well beyond just videogames. I may be old fashioned but I just wish our laws were tougher and people actually were held accountable for their actions.

-What's ironic is the NDA almost certainly says something to the effect that not only can they terminate your use of the console but that the signee is subject to further legal action, thus "bricking" their console is by far the lesser consequence, yet you feel they should not even enforce that measure for someone who willfully broke their promise. smh, got to love America.