PS3 Fanboy's Kylie Prymus writes: "I believe I owe it to you, Inconstant Reader, to let you in on a little secret. I haven't booted up my PS3 in nearly 3 weeks. There's no opportunity that I foresee which will allow me to press that glorious PS button for at least another month. Most summers I spend 6 weeks away from home teaching existentialism to high school students (don't be ashamed CTYers, I know at least a few of you reading this were once one). This summer a series of logistical difficulties forced me to leave my beloved system behind, though I shouldn't complain as this may have prevented an inadvertent bricking. Aside from a few softly stolen moments with a dozen warmongering eyeballs, my sole interaction with the Kingdom of Sony consists of several hundred RSS feeds per day and the occasionally glimpsed television commercial on the dining hall's plasma screens."

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crck3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The commercial didn't make much sense to me either. The PS3 commercials last year with the morphing system were much better.

But its good that Sony is already pimping Littlebigplanet as it has the potential to be a crossover title that could change the face and size of the PS3 user base. Sony better push this title harder then any other game they have or it may just end up being a 1-2 million seller and forgotten in a few months time. But if they get enough copies into homes where others see that its more then just a game the potential is limitless.

Violater3742d ago

Nicely written article actually.

gamer_703742d ago

Oh look.. even teachers can be fanturds!