Leaked Nintendo Power cover could be real after all

Slashgamer has been discussing the legitimacy of the leaked Nintendo Power cover that has been floating around today. The site went as far as trying to contact the person that scanned the cover and put it online. Based on Slashgamer's findings Sonic and the Black Night could be real after all.

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LeSouteneur3742d ago

it'll be better than the last Sonic now that it's Wii exclusive. Sega, don't let us down

poopsack3742d ago

its the sequel to secret rings, unleashed is coming out on the others

MonkeyMan3742d ago

If this is real then the Wii has some huge issues with getting only lame games. And on top of that they are ruining amazing franchises. I mean sonic with a sword, in 3D? Bring back the 2d side scroller.

penguinhunter3742d ago

this game is going to BLOW

Gilligan3742d ago

I agree, i will stick with the original sonic.

ash_divine3742d ago

if it's a fake, it's a really good one.

MonkeyMan3742d ago

The author had an interesting point. When he called the kid who uploaded the image his parents answered and wouldn't let the kid talk. So if he can't talk how can he create an amazing render of sonic and fake a magazine cover so good.

Mc Fadge3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

You do you realise that it wasn't that he literally can't talk, right? -____-

Twizlex3742d ago

Words fail me... I guess I can't talk now either.

Axelay3742d ago

I hope this game turning good.
If only nintendo could help sega with this title.
It's a shame that the blue hedgehog never succeeded to make the jump from 2D to 3D unlike the italian plumber.

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