Lips details, Lips facts and Lips love

In a sit down discussion with developer iNiS's Keiichi Yano, the chief creative officer for karaoke game Lips, Joystiq learned quite the factual load of Lips information. Informative highlights including mention that Lips will support both the Zune and iPod but will not use DRM'ed music, the microphone is in fact dongle'less, every song included will be a master track and feature the original music video and game scoring will be enabled with all custom tracks.

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toughNAME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Since Singstar is a timed exclusive I guess I'll just have to settle with Lips for a few months

SpaZaA3742d ago

Is a a 1st party Sony game, maybe check your facts before ignorantly spouting nonsense.

m233742d ago

I might like this game, I love music and the great thing about it is the feature of bringing your own music in. I mostly listen to hip hop and they said something about rap songs may be played differently.

uxo223742d ago

I own Singstar and it currently has 12 songs in rap and 12 songs in Rnb, yet it has 200+ pop songs, over 120 rocks songs, 60 - 70 indie songs. Sounds to make the Sony doesn't want people that listen to hip hop and Rnb to play their game. I mean, I can't make this sh!t up, look how long singstar has been out and they only have 12 rnb songs, do you know how many great rnb tracks are out there?


To be honest, it somewhat offends me, I will definitely be getting Lips and playing my own sh!t. If the features of lips holds true, singstar, will be getting put on mothballs.

Zhuk3742d ago

This game's revolutionary and AAA features will undoubtedly make this game the premier choice for enthusiasts of its genre, I look forward to this game expanding upon the Xbox 360s already unparalleled lineup

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The story is too old to be commented.