House of Wolves Launch Trailer

Much has been said about House of Wolves in the ramp up to launch. If you've been part of the reveal audience, we hope you've enjoyed the conversation. Fortunately, we've left some things for you to discover for yourselves. Here is the last sneak peek at your next adventure.

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SaveFerris2389d ago

The Queen is hot. Looks like a lot of content in this expansion.

SourtreeDing2389d ago

im ready for this... idk why ppl hate this game lol its so much fun.. has more Content than COD thats for sure and ppl say theres not enough

i guess this and Witcher3 tuesday

Halo2ODST22388d ago

I can't wait for the dlc, but the criticisms are 100% legit, it's not about preferences because many of the people who voice their complaints about the game love it, but wish it wasn't so shallow

InTheZoneAC2389d ago

no thanks.

I already bought this day 1 when I got the game, spent countless hours getting everything except the 4th horseman and then xur decides to sell every relevant exotic weapon/armor over the last 2 months. But I won't be playing this...

On top of this, I find that the guns are balanced so tightly that you can't go wrong with ANY gun in this game outside of Raids and Nightfall's where burns take effect.

So if every weapon feels the same across the board, why should there be any incentive on my grinding my way through the rest of the new weapons/armor?

Bungie has convinced people to keep playing this game despite putting you in this never ending loop. They want you to think you're getting more content when really everything is the same with a different skin.

And to make things worse they destroy the Vanguard portion of the game because of whiners in Crucible. Anything they change in Crucible carries over.

This game was fun when it lasted for me, but they are so worried about crucible feedback that the Vanguard portion can never be fixed. I have no doubts that many others will feel this way eventually if they already didn't before I came to this realization...

objdadon2389d ago

It's fun to play. You shouldn't be mad at people enjoying themselves. Get over yourself.

FamilyGuy2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

All the weapons are the same? What the hell are you talking about? Fire rate, damage, stability, reload speed, the sound they make, the weapon perks, the animation of exotics.. What guns have you been using???

thejigisup2389d ago

Gladi stopped playing months ago. I feel like I'll be playing a full game once this releases.