Microsoft Comfortable With Xbox One Being First Platform Briefing, Info On Games Performance & UI

Studio manager Mike Ybarra also chimes in regarding potential UI changes.

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christocolus1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

"On being asked why the publisher has to go on first, Spencer replied that, “We set our tone and show. Others can react if they want to but I’m comfortable being the first platform briefing.”

Classy Phil or should i say Confident Phil. Cant wait to see what they have planned. I hope they start their conference with Scalebound in all its glory.

Septic1306d ago

You need to be confident to opt to go first every time. However, I wonder how much people can change last minute when others have shows a few hours later? Not much I imagine considering how long it takes to organise this stuff.

christocolus1306d ago

So psyched for MS conference. what game do you think they will kick it off with?

tuglu_pati1306d ago

This conferences are planned months before the event. I don't think there is much they can change last minute, except for adding one or two announcements.

Zeref1306d ago

The Sony nutpunch proves that it can be quite useful to go after the competition. In fact i think its the sole reason why they started with such a big lead in the first place.

Ryan7411306d ago

Sony did with the PS4, they dropped the camera and adjusted the price.

Septic1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

"In fact i think its the sole reason why they started with such a big lead in the first place."

Well no its not the sole reason, but its a major reason why. Pricing was the most crucial element for sure.

But that really doesn't matter now; what can they react to? They cant just whip up a game in a few hours.

darthv721306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I don't think sony has ever gone first since they entered into gaming with the PS1. With Sega and their whole reveal of the Saturn for $399 price and you can buy it in stores now...

Sony followed up with theirs being $299 and consumers responded in kind with buying the system up for $100 less and more games to choose from.

Sevir1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

@Ryan7.... Sony REACTED TO MS's E3 presentation by making a financial and economic decision on Price 8 hours later....? So Sony"s PS4 came with a camera And a $500 price tag at 10am...? And after they saw MS's Pretty good game offering at E32013 they ran and changed their media briefing which was hammered out 2-3 months in advance in 8 hours? 😂😂😂

AutoCad1306d ago

They can change pricing .

dantesparda1306d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

"On being asked why the publisher has to go on first, Spencer replied that, “We set our tone and show. Others can react if they want to but I’m comfortable being the first platform briefing.”

Classy Phil or should i say Confident Phil. Cant wait to see what they have planned. I hope they start their conference with Scalebound in all its glory. "

Its neither "classy" or "confidence", its just him taking a shot at Sony and posturing. But I see you've fallen for it. Naïve.

"Well no its not the sole reason, but its a major reason why. Pricing was the most crucial element for sure."

Ah yes, I know that a lot of MS fanboys believe this (not calling you a MS fanboy btw, even though I know you really are one), but the PS4 has outsold the X1 at both a cheaper price and even now when its more expensive. So the facts
don't agree with you.


Oh please, don't talk to me about "trolling" when your soul reason for existing on these sites is to troll. You aint fooling nobody (except maybe your self). You're one of the biggest fanboy cheerleaders on the web. And how is pointing out that MS is just posturing, "hurting me so bad"? Its onvious, except to you fanboys. Talk about being defensive and hurt. And if you where any smarter than you'd realize that the reason I brought up sales is because it proves Septic's pricing theory wrong. Now stop acting like a hurt little child and man up. And for your information, I in no way consider the PS4 "precious". I think both systems are complete and utter underpowered letdowns. So stick that in your fanboy pipe.

christocolus1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


Pls go away and stop wasting your only bubble trolling every xbox article.MS being so confident about their plans for E3 must hurt you so much or you wouldn't feel the need to troll this bad.also learn to STHU especially when you have nothing reasonable to say. This article doesn't even have anything to do with sales or your precious console so i wonder why you even here.

nitus101305d ago


The camera for the PS4 was designed as an add-on (you can't change that in a few hours) and hence it was not included and could never be included in the basic price. As for the XB1 the Kinect was said to be an integral part of the console and hence was included on the price.

What really put off many gamers at the E3 presentation of the XB1 was not only price but the proposed draconian DRM (ie. always on, and phone home). As we know Microsoft did some 180 degree back-flips when they found that gamers preferred the PS4 for it's then cheaper price, no always on, no phone home and an optional camera, so say nothing of it's better hardware specifications.

AndrewLB1305d ago Show
r2oB1305d ago

@ Andrew

The ps4 was revealed before the Xbox One, how come there were no mention of any DRM during the console reveal? It's because no policy was set, even if it was being debated amongst them, it wasn't announced.

Even before E3 the public made it clear that we didn't like the policies MS was going with. Microsoft chose to run with it anyway despite public outrage, Sony didn't. Seems more like Sony listened to the gaming public (which is good) rather than reacted to Microsoft. Microsoft had a chance to change their policies before e3, but chose not to. Perhaps they figured they can win the public over, but they were wrong. It wasn't until they realized the public wasn't budging (poor pre order numbers) that they decided to change (better late than never).

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Sounds like he is being unclassy to me. Trying to have a sly dig at Sony.

Anyway he is completely wrong. Sony don't react they lead which is why the PS4 is doing so well.


You are wrong about the price. Price has proven not to be a factor at all seen as xbone is consistently cheaper yet is still being dominated in sales.

PS4 dominated because it is simply the better machine.

Septic1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

"Sounds like he is being unclassy to me. Trying to have a sly dig at Sony. "

He's answering a question. In fact, he says this about Sony:

"I actually think they do less/none of this than people think. They have their own show to run but I understand the concern."

Where is the sly dig again?

cartoonx11306d ago m/xbox/sony-execs-dancing-aisle s-microsoft-announced-xbox-one- will-cost-499-2013-e3/
they indeed react!

bananaboats1306d ago

if that isnt a defensive comment then I dont know what is. Sony has taken quite a few digs at MS. The gaming world is a better place when people branch out to others systems.

vallencer1306d ago

You mean how like Sony took a bunch of digs at Microsoft the year they announced their new systems?? Those were digs. Admittedly funny digs and competitive ones. However this isn't a dig. This is a classy move by Spencer. They're both competitive companies and I think there is a certain level of digging that can be done before it becomes unprofessional.

Professor_K1306d ago

"sony don react dey leed"

Kiwi661305d ago

But i bet that you don't say its unclassy when sony execs have sly digs at ms, no of course you wouldn't

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scientificreasoning1306d ago

LOL yeah right sets the tone always has.

Magicite1306d ago

We all know, that Scalebound will have poor sales, just look at any Xbox game which doesnt have guns.

christocolus1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Wth? cant you guys just stop trolling? does every positive xbox article hurt you so much?lol.if you got nothing reasonable to add then STHU. take a look at these sad fanboys.The first few troll comments in here,all made by one bubble fanboys. dantesparda, magicite and scientificreasining. dont you guys have something better to do than keep trolling???? Magicite even hopes that scalebound fails. lol. what a sad gamer you are.

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JMaine5181306d ago

Nothing wrong with going first. You should want to go first and set the bar high. Have confidence in your craft.

curtis921306d ago

He actually answers questions... even if it's a no. In the past all you got (if the answer was no) was some political dodging of the question.

AnimeFreak0131306d ago

So far I'm excited to see what surprises they have for us gamers. But there's 1 thing I really want Phil to focus on that is have more JRPGS on the system. PS4 already has way more JRPGS such as star ocean 5 Persona 5 dragon quest heroes and many more that are all exclusives to ps4. Also they need to release all the gears games remaster not just the first gears that's just stupid. 2nd scalebound gameplay not cgi or another trailer. 3rd some examples of what games will be using DX12 and how it effects the games. Man I'm freaking hype for Sony and MS e3!

Minato-Namikaze1305d ago

Only problem with that is they only sold 50k in japan. What studio would feel confident putting their game on the platform with that little ROI potential.

KiwiViper851305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

The way I see it, if you want Jrpg's... get a PS4. Sony has proven time and time again as King of Jrpg genre.

Theres little to no market for Jrpg's on Xbox. Id rather they didn't pump any money into them.

No shame in concentrating on what your good at.

It's like saying McDonalds should start selling Fried Chicken... We all know there's a KFC on the opposite corner, and no one does better fried chicken than them.

nitus101305d ago

JRPG's for any computer be it console, handheld or PC normally require a good home market and basically the XB1 has pretty much failed in Japan so most JRPG's will not be made for that console.

This is not to say that the XB1 will never get JRPG's, however I think Microsoft will have to invest in their development if they want them on their console.

BTW. McDonalds do actually sell Fried Chicken usually in a salad or a burger.

PhucSeeker1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I know lots of Xbone owners like JRPG. But JRPG for Xbone is pretty far-fetched.

BigGamersSmallTalk1306d ago

Phil is a class act, probably too classy for the industry. These shows are done and prepped well in advance. It was an anomaly in 2013 when Sony quickly slapped together their game sharing video and then pulled the Eye out of the box to drop the price to $399.

Don't give Sony any ammo and there's not much they can. Knock it out of the part, and I would assume Sony has some kind of "backup" plan or CGI trailer for God Of War 4 or The Last Guardian.

TheCommentator1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Funny thing is that at the console reveals, which were anomolous, MS stated that they themselves would allow for the trade and sharing of games with no fees but left it up to each publisher to decide for themselves how to use the DRM. If you installed your game disc at a friends house and left with the disc, your friend had the option to buy the install through a digital unlock from the storefront. It was simple. Sony turned this into a debacle by taking advantage of the confused media to the point where even Gamestop believed the mockery Sony made of the event. Let's not forget that it was Sony, who was patenting strict DRM ideas, that was rumored to be banning used games prior to the unveiling. If MS could reprogram XB1 before launch, why couldn't Sony? Both systems did have a day one patch, after all.

Minato-Namikaze1305d ago

Sony also filed that same patent in 2005. Its probably something in other technologies they are using or will never use.

Sevir1306d ago

You know the price of the systems where hammered out months before? How on earth could they scrap 3 months of preperation for a media briefing to drop the price by 100 dollars after seeing another company's Press brief 8 hours later? The camera alone on the PS4 retails for $60... It still wouldn't have retailed for $500 if it were bundled. Shi confirmed that they decided early on not to inflate the price of the console by leaving the camera an option, but not 8 hours after a competitor's media briefing. You guys have lost your minds if you think such an economic, manufacturing and financial decision in business is made on a whim in 8 hours... Those decisions come after months of delineation, meetings and financial forecast...

Look how long it took for MS to drop the price and camera of the XBO in response to its perception after E32013... A whole year And you airheads think Sony was able to achieve that in 8 hours after their competitor's briefing? Lmao! 😂😂😂

Anyone can make a jab about game sharing, but dropping a product and setting a price point takes months... Ask MS they dropped the XBO price 6 months after launch, and a full year after their previous E3, if you want to talk reactions... It's MS they've reacted and changed every single action since they announced the xbo... Selective memory and ill perception must be a new thing for xb fanatics. 😂😂

BigGamersSmallTalk1306d ago

If you look at Sony's reveal in 2013, the price was basically magic marker. All the sites showed the PS4 with the camera. Why not sell it for $499?

Hell, Sony dropped the idea of DRM quick, fast and in a hurry. Do you honestly think big third parties were only going to do DRM on Xbox One? Heck no! Sony has a ton of patented DRM items. They backed out when they saw all the hate Microsoft got.

There's articles about it all over the internet. Let's not forget Sony was the only one of the big three who forced online passes for first party games last gen.

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