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Opinion: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Will Likely Disappoint

Push Square: "'Everything was third-party.' I expect Dolan, the magnificent meme duck, will be on fine form in just over a month's time, when Sony's big E3 2015 press conference inevitably fails to live up to expectations. We live in constant fear of the restless Los Angeles event here at Push Square Towers, so it's always a point of conversation: what will the Japanese giant reveal during its show? On this occasion, the feeling throughout the office is unanimous: you already know."

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Community2438d ago
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Zay2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

My thoughts exactly. Great article Sammy Barker.

AngelicIceDiamond2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Could of swore an article like this popped up last year as well. Sony is always quiet on their E3 plans. Sony did good last year but Imo not fantastic.

nearly 20 minutes talking about Tv. Everyone says MS needs to step it up both Sony and MS had great conferences albeit flawed.

But Sony needs to make some major improvements.

Ratchet And Clank
Uncharted 4
Media Molecules new Ip
Street Fighter
Quantic Dreams new Ip
Sucker Punch New Ip
Indie titles

Sounds like a great Sony E3 2015 to me.

Zay2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I don't see Sony announcing all that at 1 show. Most likely they'll spread them out. I believe we'll see this.

Uncharted 4 - Close Out The Show
Ratchet & Clank
Street Fighter V
Gran Turismo 7
Sly Cooper (The Movie is coming 2016)
Level 5 New Game

Paris Games Week
Media Molecules New Ip
Quantic Dreams New Ip
Sony Bend New Ip (Maybe)
Evolution New Game

PlayStation Experience:
God of War IV - Close Out The Show
Sucker Punch New Ip
Third Party Exclusive
Jak & Daxter (Wishful Thinking)

mikeslemonade2438d ago

The conferences will be in this order of quality:
MS first, Sony a close 2nd, and Nintendo will be a distant third.

breakpad2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

the article has a point Sony will probably willnot have smthing spectacular to show other than usual (mediocre) IPs : COD, ACs, Destiny and some U4 gameplay+Morpheus ...i hope for for a shocking exclusive but if there is one it will be probably announced to the other expectations are very low

Gazondaily2438d ago

Yeah Angelic, there are a lot or dormant ip's not being utilised. I expect greatness at E3 2015

bouzebbal2438d ago

"what will the Japanese giant reveal during its show? On this occasion, the feeling throughout the office is unanimous: you already know."

WTF? because we already have an idea on what will be shown the conference will disappoint?
so a GOOD conference is about surprises not about games themselves?
If you guys "already know" then tell us when The Last Guardian will be talked about at e3.
All manufacturers will have a good show no doubt, but to me the criteria of success is revival of classics. I want this to happen so much because that's what we have been promised by Sony even before PS4 hit the shelves..

OB1Biker2438d ago

Exactly my thought about last year because bloodborne was the E3 megathon made Sony conference a good one.
I think a lot of playstation fans are always expecting nearly all Sony studios to show off unrealistically.
Guerrilla games, Bend studio and a new GOW trailer would make me happy but if one is missing that wouldn't be that disappointing because I know the games will be out when ready.
Of course we ll see Ratchet n Clank and maybe some BloodBorne dlc

andibandit2438d ago

I hope the article is wrong about Morpheus integration with PSNOW PS+ and VUE, taking up conference time.

Why o why2438d ago

Septic + anyone

If you could choose 2 dormant ip's from each camp to be awoken, what would they be?

Gazondaily2438d ago


Syphon Filter
Gran Turismo

Perfect Dark

bouzebbal2438d ago

@Why o why

Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud

Get Force Gemini

freshslicepizza2438d ago

almost every year is a disappointment and not just for sony's conference, all of them. we get our expectations ramped up too much.

i do like nintendo's approach as it seems to be more focused as of late. they show a video without the odd stage presentations. nintendo also seems to focus on unique software only found on their systems. can you imagine if sony and microsoft only showed what is only available on their systems? it would be a 15 minutes for sony and a 10 minute show for microsoft.

Why o why2438d ago

Otogi and crimson skies on the box

Bushido blade and okami on the station

Moldiver2438d ago

@Why o why


Jet force gemini
Solar jetman (an ancient rare game from their NES days. a space exploration platformer)


Jumping flash
dropship (was a PS2 launch game)

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badz1492438d ago

"Opinion: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Will Likely Disappoint"

and MS's will be all awesome and everything, right? yeah totally not biased at all! /s

poppinslops2438d ago

Microsoft's conference will be awesome... even if they just showed the stuff we already know is coming, it'd still be one of their best.

Gears of War
Quantum Break
Tomb Raider

That's already more than enough... yet they've been hinting at new IP, more indies, Rare's game and something big to make up for 'missing out' on Street Fighter.

Yeah, the article may be biased, but it makes some solid points... here's hoping Sony don't have a 'Powers: Season 2' announcement.

johndoe112112438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


BS. There is not a single solid point that was made in that article. What solid point? sony has a ton of first party studios that we know are working on games that we haven't seen yet. There is absolutely no reason on earth that any unbiased person can give as to why this site would completely ignore this fact other than to be deliberately misleading and intentionally negative.

Even if there are a lot of third party games we know about and will be shown, who the hell are they to say that it would be disappointing? Them showing morpheus and maybe vue would actually be very good for the conference once they do not focus more than a couple minutes on each.

The entire purpose for this article is to create FUD, plain and simple. You cannot ignore a company's entire first party lineup and then claim logic. BS, plain and simple.

badz1492438d ago


you're saying, the recycle of the same IPs over and over is your definition of awesome? LOL

no wonder the Xbox remains as the "year end gaming machine" because after all these years, those same year end games are still the only thing their fanbase is excited about. last year was an exception because the Xbone was new and they needed to show some games and they were heavily outsold but it seems like they have already back to their same old self just after a year. good luck waiting for the end of the year games!

Zero-One2438d ago

That's not the article's purpose. Think about it, what exclusives are coming this holiday on PS4 in comparison to Xbone?
PS4: Tearaway
Until Dawn
(maybe) No Man's Sky

Xbone: Rise of the Tomb Raider
Forza 6
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Gears of War: Remastered

Trust me, i'm a big fan of Sony. But you can't deny that in terms of exclusives, their sword is starting to dull in terms of Microsoft. Even more than last year!

johndoe112112438d ago

@Zero one

Tomb raider is not an exclusive. Microsoft deciding to release all their exclusives in the last 3 months of the year is in no way an indication that sony's sword is starting to dull when a blind mouse can see that they are releasing exclusives throughout the entire year, so cut the crap.

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RegorL2438d ago

Star Wars Battlefront will be big no question about it.

But the article is a bit quiet about Morpheus.
Show it live on stage with at least one game (Mirrors Edge sounds perfect) and list other games with support.

WickedLester2438d ago

I agree. He really seems to be downplaying the impact that Morpheus will have on the conference. Personally I think it will be a BIG part of Sony's presentation.

OUROSMAG2439d ago

This sadly is most likely the case. If sony was smart they would include a few of the 3rd party presentations among a majority of 1st party announcements, they can save all the PS now and vue stuff for PSX when the show is solely based on playstation.

I am going in with very low expectations this year.

SaveFerris2439d ago

I agree. Sony should leave the movies and TV stuff for their own show, and concentrate on bringing their best 1st and major 3rd party games for E3.

badz1492438d ago

"If sony was smart..." LOL you really think they aren't? you do know that E3 is not the only gaming event being held through out the year, right?

you are basically suggesting that they should put all their eggs in the E3 basket but what surprise will be left for the other events? Gamescom (Sony won't hold a conference this year, though), GDC, TGS, PSX to name a few.

personally I would be happy with 1 or 2 surprises for E3 and more showing of gameplay for upcoming games and I am gonna look forward to the other events too.

gangsta_red2439d ago

Some very solid points made in this article. It seems Sony is taking a page out of last gen MS strategy's and spending a lot of marketing money on third party multiplat games.

It would be a shame if an E3 show was dedicated to just third party developers showing off timed exclusive 3rd party content or even exclusive DLC.

Moldiver2438d ago

"it seems Sony is taking a page out of last gen MS strategy's and spending a lot of marketing money on third party multiplat games."

^^I agree with this. The games they have aligned themselves with are very much more the domain of the xbox demographic. If they get COD marketing rights this year then that point is REALLY gonna hit home. The biggest games on PS4 are pretty much the same as Xbox these days...shooters, racers and sports.

"It would be a shame if an E3 show was dedicated to just third party developers showing off timed exclusive 3rd party content or even exclusive DLC."

Indeed but I get the feeling this E3, that will be a big talking point this year. We dont know what MS have bought marketing rights to, this year. But we know they have vastly more spending power than sony. This is one of those battles MS can win by simply pulling out the cheque book. Just buy more exclusivity than your competitor.

That said, Phil stated that this year is going to be a more 1st party focused affair. It could be down to PS4 multiplats generally selling more, due to larger install base. forcing a tactical shift from MS to bolster their in house projects. But then MS can afford to do both. E3 will be very interesting this year. Im taking two days off just to watch the conferences, digest it all.

2439d ago
stuna12439d ago

I didn't know Sony had devulged information on what they were showing at E3!? Seems to me like the person writing this article is prematurely jumping the gun.

Why o why2438d ago

Just a tad. . . Let's just wait and see.

OUROSMAG2438d ago

Or using common sense, or heaven forbid their opinion. The thing is most evidence points to this scenario, even in an article written about what they have in the works, the dev kept bringing up 3rd party titles rather than 1st.

Why o why2438d ago

there's this thing called 'surprise' ......check it out