Why No Multiplayer In Assassin's Creed Syndicate is a Good Idea

Getting back to the roots of the franchise is what it's all about.

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Justjoined1231279d ago

I agree completely,

games like these depend on a solid immersive story and flawless gameplay. Unity killed my immersion so many times and was downright annoying with the constant nagging about Coop-sessions and locked chests and whatnot stuff you couldnt possibly interact with unless you did something in online mode.

If Ubi scraps the online crap and shoves the ingame store with all its microtransactions where the sun dont shine, then, and only then, might i consider buying another AC.

jb2271278d ago

Totally agree w/ all of that. Also, they have said that the online component of Unity was the prime cause for all of the bugs & glitches, so really it's a no brainer. Seems like that's the case more often than not, online components for titles are the driving force behind all bugs & issues in the games industry, and one of the best things about sp titles is that they aren't beholden to all of that & they can typically be the most solid of gaming experiences available. No reason to destroy all of that stability just to keep people from selling back a game. Seems like developers are more interested in selling people 3 months of broken garbage than 10-20 solid hours of gameplay, and people supporting these games are the reason it will keep happening. I skipped Unity & I will be skipping Syndicate as well unless it's a solid, well crafted single player experience.