Ripten Hands-On Preview: Resident Evil 5

Ripten writes: "The good news about Resident Evil 5 is the same as the bad news: It plays very, very similarly to Resident Evil 4. The stage we played at E3 was just like the Ganado Village at the start of RE4, only with a greater variety of zombies, ultra-sharp environments and lighting, and a few gameplay tweaks like instantaneous weapon changes.

Of course, we have no idea where the story will go this time around, and how many deviations from the "zombie shooting gallery" will occur along the way. What we do know is that the cutscenes that preceded and followed this big action set-piece were stunningly gorgeous, and there seemed to be enough variety in the outdoor, shantyville location to encourage replayability. For example, zombies could come climbing over the fence, break through the windows, or barge in through the door, giving Chris Redfield lots of corners to watch to avoid being overrun."

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