Hiphopgamer Interviews Michael Pachter To Find Out Who Had The Best E3 Conference

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Hiphopgamer interviewed Michael Pachter at E3. He tells us who he thinks had the best E3 Conference. "

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Real gamer 4 life3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Great interview! Is microsoft lead in the NA really 2-1?

killax35633796d ago

Pretty good interview.

I think both guys did well (Pachter and the Hiphop guy). Nicely done.

Angelitos3796d ago

I'm a better analyst than this wannabe

fufotrufo3796d ago is the ps3 fps king? if none of those games he mentioned are out and we dont even know if they r good? ...he is so pro sony its funny.. really.. and then he says FF13 was not such a big blow..hhahaha props to hiphop gamer.. A+ class Clown

crck3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

As we saw with GTA 4 multiplat releases do nothing for hardware sales. So the only thing MS did was slow sales of PS3 hardware the month FF13 is released in the US and Europe. Spending gobs of money to slow the competition is a questionable move.

BTW don't know if some of you caught the 1up Yours E3 Special but Shane said expect something from Square in two weeks at their show in Japan related to Advent Children that will shift the momentum back to the PS3. If that announcement is a remake of FF 7 then that negates any traction MS got with FF 13. People who love FF will still have to get a PS3 if they want to play the remake of the most revered game in the series.

SUP3R3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Actually it was only a blow when it was first announced.
By the next day I was done with it. I'm still getting to play the game, so it really isn't a big deal.
There's also a huge load of other great 100% exclusive titles coming to the PS3 so it really isn't that serious.
Square's event is within a few weeks and TGS is only 3mths away, more will be revealed then.
Hopefully there'll be some great surprises. :)

By the way tor.davis, you're really short :\

Mr Fancy Pants3796d ago

fufo you could have wrote your opinion without insulting...

anyway props for hiphopgamer! he has been doing a lot of interviews lately. good.

tordavis3796d ago

I'm not the Hiphopgamer! LOL

n4gzz3796d ago

Losing exclusive like gta4 or ff13 does hurt console. May be Gta iv didn't directly impact on xbox or ps3 sale but it definitely did. at least 5% of xbox owner who brought gta iv would have brought ps3 to play gta iv and same goes to ff13.

SUP3R3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )
You're the camera man?

Also to add to what n4gzz said. People seem to forget GTAIV sold more copies per system on the PS3 than the 360.
By the time FFXIII rolls out, that space between the two consoles won't be as wide, so you do the math.

crck3796d ago

Read my post again. I said it does hurts Sony. But it doesn't help MS sell any more consoles. As far as I can tell we are in complete agreement.

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fufotrufo3796d ago

why? because he thinks MS had the best show? lol

jon12343796d ago

i met the hiphip gamer at the e3 press confrence and i didnt even know he had his own show...

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