Techland Confim Release Date of Bozak Horde With Full Details On Content

Techland give the official date and add some more details about the DLC pack.

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MilkMan1250d ago

Bozak? meaning my di*k?!
Anyway this looks like Dying Lights version of Manhaunter. I think Ill take Manhunter instead. Not to say anything negative about DL. I like the game.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Looks good.

Me and my friend are at 86% story complete so almost done and we have hit nearly every side quest.

stormswrath1250d ago

Hey techland when we gonna get hellraid? Haven't heard anything about it for a while. Hope it's still coming.

iSuperSaiyanGod1243d ago

It's been pushed back last that I heard a few days ago that focus on dl more