Nintendo: NX is not a simple replacement for Wii U or 3DS

We might not be so easily rid of the Wii U.

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Mexxan1255d ago

My WiiU has just as much playtime as my '4 and more so thaN my X1. Title says it all-another loada juvo-journo site. Avoid.

DiscoKid1255d ago

Did you read the article?

mikeslemonade1255d ago

I have a wager on this exactly. If NX doesn't replace the WiiU or 3DS then I lose.

Come on.. like why really keep a system that can't even outsell the PS Vita.

Mexxan1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Yes I did. Undercurrent of WiiU being redundant. Which isn't The case.

1255d ago
N0TaB0T1255d ago

I can't imagine why it'd ever be.

fishy11255d ago

Well my Wii U hasnt been turned on in over a year. I will not be buying the next console. they need to go the route of sega

3-4-51255d ago

* I have a theory that the NX could be a mobile/retro device.

One where you pay $100 for device, and then you buy game packages.

* You can buy the NES,SNES,N64, package.

when you do, you get a huge selection of all of those games available to play.

* It will also play mobile games.

* So it will allow you to message people with text messages + allow you to play mobile games + allow you to play retro old Nintendo games.( hopefully Sega genesis too).

* This way, Consoles, Handhelds & NX can all be there own thing.

NX will also be compatible with the next handheld & console Nintendo makes, so you will be able to play these games on your big screen via the console as well.

Just a guess though.

Trying to see what they don't have and maybe that is the focus for the NX.

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