Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition gets massive PC discount - £13.95/$21.99 today only

Dealspwn: "Consider Mortal Kombat X your first essential fighting game of the new generation of consoles. It's best enjoyed with local friends thanks to the easily memorised combos and buckets of gory X-Ray moves and finishers. The story and lengthy Tower options will pad out the single-player experience, but the online match ups are reserved for the more hardcore player.

You can read more in our Mortal Kombat X review -- and if you like what you see, you can get the Premium Edition for a sensational £13.95/$21.99 (Steam code)."

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bggriffiths1255d ago

Might be the time to dive in. Think they've fixed that patch that was wiping saves now.

Volkama1255d ago

That's nice for people with saves. Personally I haven't been able to get past the splash screen yet :|

Genova841254d ago

Disabling hyperthreading and 2 of my 14 cores worked for me. I was getting a black screen of death too.

@bggriffiths: the save wipe bug has existed and still occurs today. Just backup your save file every couple of days to save headaches.

HVS has mentioned that the Tanya patch, no firm release date, will address many if the bugs mentioned in the steam forum. I'd say wait til then if you haven't bought it already.

holysmokesbatman1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Terrible port, buy on xbox or playstation if you can.
Their are dozens of pages of people angry about this sub par port on the NeoGaf forums, have a quick look before spending your hard earned

Software_Lover1254d ago

I bought it day one for 24.99

Wonder_Punk1253d ago

If you have no problem being an afterthought to the console versions, getting patches weeks later, probably not being able to play online, having poor performance on a machine that should be more than capable even on the lowest settings, receiving game breaking updates and much more fun stuff like that.....then I suppose that's a good deal?