New Lego Jurassic World trailer inspired us to hunt down these cheap preorders

Dealspwn writes: Today's brand new Lego Jurassic World trailer is all sorts of awesome and the release date has finally been confirmed too. In fact, it's less than a month away, so be sure to take advantage of our roundup of hot preorder deals across every format below if you want to play the game on June 12th. Naturally, you'll want to take a look at that new trailer too, which features scenes from all four movies, along with footage of the various types of dinosaur you'll get to play as.

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Blues Cowboy1280d ago

Never saw this tie-in coming and looking forward to it. TBH I don't really remember much of JP3, might re-watch them all before playing the game! Good prices.

bggriffiths1280d ago

Yeah, can't wait for this. I might be the last cheap Lego game though if the series only releases as toys-to-life Lego Dimensions titles. Fingers crossed future playsets are cheapish once you buy the initial base game. And not crap like Disney Infinity, that'd be swell too.