CDPR’s Visual Artist on “Downgrade-ation”: “Very unfair to compare trailers and gameplay demos”

As CDPR’s artist told docm77, CDPR did not downgrade the game’s visuals. Moreover, CDPR’s artist claimed that it is unfair to compare a trailer and a gameplay demo.

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JoeMcCallister1256d ago

Don't care, game looks amazing in more than just visuals. If 2D grass is all you can cry about, things are going to be ok.

thekhurg1256d ago

Agreed. The game looks amazing and I can't wait for Monday evening to start playing it. This is a generation of whiners. "Gamers" are going to literally complain about everything they can it seems.

TheOpenWorlder1256d ago

Oh okay CD Projekt RED dev..I apparently missed it when I read the words GAMEPLAY DEBUT trailer...WITH THE WORD GAMEPLAY I was thinking it was GAMEPLAY shown for the first time with bits of CG in it (from killing monsters) but I guess...I should have read that as DEBUT BULLSHIT LIES Trailer instead...

:) Sure....there hasn't been a downgrade...surrrreeee

Kleptic1256d ago

^have to agree...

thekhurg: this isn't a 'generation of whiners'...its a generation of decade old hooks no longer holding up within the gaming community...

Remember killzone 2's announcement? That is PRECISELY why 'gampeplay trailer', 'in game footage', 'rendered in game', etc. dislcaimers exist...the backlash from that is why we have those things...and that wasn't anywhere close to the current generation, that was literally a decade ago...

yet...publishers, PR departments, and even devs...have found ways around their own disclaimers...utilizing in game assets, but pushing them through a rendering farm to make a game trailer...or localizing 'in game' content to manipulate the game into something its not (a focused 'version' of the game to make a video, then downgrading everything for release when its more open) what they're being called out on...

tolerate it, thats fine...but its BS...its just new BS...while little changes...

there is NOTHING 'unfair' about comparing what we're told is game footage...that isn't...period...was no different than no different with the Witcher 3...and will be no different with battlefront...all 3 games have been laced with PR BS...and its a trend that needs to end...the answer is stop showing games years before release, and stop relying on pre-orders as some sort of fiscal opportunistic metric...and just announce 3 to 6 months before release, with real footage...and let the game sell it used to be...

fiveby91256d ago

I am also looking forward to the game. I will let the game speak for itself after it is playable. It's already pre-loaded n my pc via gog. I don't really care that people complain but I guess I understand that there has not been a game in recent memory where I cannot find some contrived or legitimate controversy. It's just some people like to find the fault in everything. It's how they go through life.

starchild1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


Those first few trailers were mostly cutscenes. They had just a handful of 1 or 2 second glimpses of gameplay.

The problem I see is people comparing uncut normal gameplay footage to epic cutscene footage. Because I think the new gameplay we've seen holds up pretty well to the few gameplay glimpses we saw before.

Obviously those few gameplay glimpses were carefully selected and probably even enhanced with post-processing, sharpening and downsampling, but even then I don't think they look too much different from what we got in the final game. People are blowing this WAAAY out of proportion.

Old version on top, new version on bottom.

All in all I have to say the newer version looks equally as good as the older version. Sure, you can find some places where the older one looks better, but then again there are also places where the newer one looks better.

Here are some gifs:

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Link2DaFutcha1256d ago

The people whining are the ones that would have complained that the Super Mario Bros manual had hand drawn characters and in-game it was pixels. Game is/is going to be amazing. Can't wait.

Allsystemgamer1256d ago

I'm playing it right now on my ps4. It's absolutely fantastic. The patch is out too. Under 500mb so it took like 5 minutes to download. Improved the bugs significantly. There's a thank you letter in ye box too. Thank you CDPR. You really delivered and have my full support.

Activemessiah1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Isn't the trailer meant to represent gameplay? o_O

Not counting CGI of course.

But yeah, there is a difference but it's being referred to as 'Optimisation':

Greyfoxdbz1256d ago

The trailers are what got me interested, i loved how good it looked and how atmospheric it seemed. later trailers started to look less impressive but the end product still has a lot of what blew me away. looking forward to having the free time to play this.

Saijahn1256d ago

Trailers show highlights of the game that's it. No different than a movie trailer.

Gameplay demos are vastly different than a trailer.

If people want those super high end graphics then they should get a 4k capable PC and leave console gaming behind.

bomajed1256d ago

First of all, you can't compare the PC version with the console version, that's unfair.
The second thing I think the colors are better in the second shot actually, and I think it will look much better on PC (especially the details and the sharpness). I'm not saying that you should play on PC, everyone should play on whatever platform they like, but you can't blame the devs when they tune the graphics to get the game working on consoles.

cartoonx11256d ago

then why everyone complaint about ubisoft's watchdogs? why such bias? its funny if its cdred, they get free pass. there is indeed many graphical feature cut from final build and they not even addmiting it. also an year back they said they dont fear if ppl compare old builds with final build and now they think its not fair?

OB1Biker1256d ago

@cartoonx1 the downgrade issue for watchdogs is mainly the PC version. Which also I think many got confused with console version though I never ever found the console version specially good looking as it's cross gen anyway

HammadTheBeast1256d ago


Because aside from the underperforming graphics, it didn't really have a whole lot going for it.

cartoonx11256d ago

@Hammad - true, watchdog was advertised for its graphics mostly, but to some extent witcher was also heavly advertised for its graphics, they even said tht 2014 trailer will make it to final game but it doesn't seems likely the case. pretty sure ppl will enjoy regardless but they should have admitted it which they didnt

starchild1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


That Watch Dogs thing was blown out of proportion too. It was downgraded, but some people made it sound like it was a massive difference and it really wasn't. It was still a very nice looking game. The main problem was that they downgraded the PC version when they really didn't have to, since the removed features were still in the game files and ran decently well on good PCs. That's what settings in PC games are for.

The other problem is that it didn't really run too well on any platform and that certainly upset people and made them more negative towards the game. I have a fairly beefy PC and I was able to run it pretty well, but most people were not happy with the way it ran.

CDPR isn't getting a free pass, it's just that there really isn't any good evidence of an overall downgrade. Why am I going to get pissed about a downgrade that I don't see? The game looks astonishingly good and I honestly don't see any big difference between the new gameplay and earlier gameplay. For every screenshot comparison that shows the older version looking somewhat better, I can point to two that show the newer version looking better. It's swings and roundabouts, really.

gz19871255d ago

@bomajed WELL said well said.

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bomajed1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

@cartoonx1 The Witcher is a PC game, it started that way, and that's the primary platform used to develop the game, it's not CDPR fault if the consoles can't handle the full graphical fidelity of the game!!

cartoonx11256d ago

no one comparing console vs original gameplay trailer. comparison is between 2015 pc ultra vs original gameplay trailer. if they cant make it look as good thn why they denying tht there is no downgrade? why advertise the original trailer thn? just search witcher 3 GOG on google. they still using old build's screens and trailers there. also watchdog was reveal way before console was announce so there was no know hardware at time.

someOnecalled1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I think they point everyone is making is that the use a gameplay trailer the don't look like the final game. And all sides are saying this about the PC version. Even people that don't game on PC. Game look good now but when Dev lie and say its gameplay and release a version that's not up to par what you expect . we are tired of fake trailers and parity( they admitted to the parity too).

What so wrong with putting labels on type and platform for trailers .that the problem and gamers, casuals, and fanboys be saying this for the longest. And if its CGI or a target just say so we will still be interested if its good

gz19871255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Lol at all the haters and dislikes. Stop trolling console fans be mad.

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sigfredod1256d ago

If at the begining of the footage they put In engine footage, instead of gameplay people will not be so upset, but since they say gameplay saying now that its unfair to call it downgrade , pleople have the right because that "gameplay" they showed didn´t exist then was a lie

thekhurg1256d ago

Yes it does. It's the gameplay they're showing. Your statement is only correct if they show destructible environments or some type of gameplay mechanic that is cut from final release without any warning.

EvilWay1256d ago

Yes but you shouldn't make the trailer look so good and then when gameplay is shown not be close to the graphics we saw before. It's False advertising. This game looks great and I can't wait to play it

Psychotica1256d ago

Kind of like buying a burger from McDonald's and expecting it to look like the picture?

Thunder_G0d_Bane1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Hahahhaah terrific example!!!!

hasamalaha1256d ago

Sorry, but this guy is full of shit and this is exactly what gamers are upset about.

I understand there might be downgrades from some extremely early footage (such as Watch Dogs original footage vs release).

But when there is a downgrade from a release trailer, just months before the game is available. That is complete bullshit. That is false advertisement.

Kal-V31256d ago

Watch Dogs is FAR worse as they were actually playing the game with the super high quality graphics. You cannot compare!

hasamalaha1256d ago

Watch Dogs initial trailer was years before release. No one even knew what the console specs were going to be. So, you absolutely cannot blame them.

Witcher 3 was releasing misleading trailers just months before product release.

uth111256d ago

This downgrade is far more obvious than Watch Dogs, it's a night and day difference

Serenity251256d ago

How is that? Watch Dogs looked much more downgraded than this, even though that wasn't a huge difference either. I think some gamers just love to be drama queens.