The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 27% Discount on GreenManGaming

Last week, GMG's special offer was removed - for unknown reasons - after the controversy surrounding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game was then priced at 59.99€ and there was no discount whatsoever. Thankfully, GMG is once again offering this highly anticipated RPG with a 27% discount.

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Rookie_Monster2391d ago

Great deal. Greenmangaming- is legit and I've gotten tons of deals from there. The code is a steam code. That is why I love PC gaming. Where else can you get 27% off on release date?

Khajiit862391d ago

I got it for 50% off few days ago and Arkham Knight. $60 total and waiting for the 2 great games release.

Maul_T_Pass2391d ago


Utalkin2me2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

You can get more then that off gamefly. 10% on top of getting credit for a game exchange. When i was a gamefly member i was getting most of new releases for around 35 bucks. Then if you exchange it early enough you can get more money in exchange then what you actually paid for it.

Nicolee2391d ago

btw the witcher 3 on gmg isn't Steam code. Its code on Greenmangaming.

Takwin2391d ago

GreenManGaming is great. I've got a lot of games for them and love their deals and service.

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Perjoss2391d ago

I don't know when they started as I only just noticed it today, but the pre-loading is active on Steam now.

starchild2391d ago

Yeah, I pre-loaded like two days ago I think. But that was pretty much right after they started the pre-load option. I'm just waiting for it to unlock now. Oh, and download the day one patch, of course.