Dirt Rally creator says game should come to consoles

"We can confidently be packaging and curating a console experience from the content and also from the learnings that we had on PC for our console audience," says Codemasters lead designer Paul Coleman in a new interview.

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creeping judas1306d ago

I was quite surprised when it was only announced for the PC, I would think they would of had a bigger audience in the console market rather than over at the PC market.

Yi-Long1306d ago

It currently is still in an early phase, so I doubt they could release a console-version right now when it still has such a lack of locations.

That said, I'm excited to see Dirt moving back to it's rally-roots, which is what the fans want, but of course in order for it to be successful, it does need to offer good value of money when it comes to content, or else reception as well as reviews would be bad, which would lower the chance of them continuing in this right direction.

I'm hoping for at least 10-12 different gorgeous locations, each with multiple LONG rally-tracks which are fun and challenging for repeated time-attacks.

urwifeminder1306d ago

A bit of a wasted opportunity to get Seb Loeb like milestone , they could have ditched the Dirt name as Ken block tarnished it so bad lol .

Daves1301d ago

A future Dirt does not need to be associated with anybody really... it is what it is.