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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is an expandalone, based a few years before the previous title New Order. As such, it's a prequel, made by the same devs, MachineGames, in the same engine, id Tech 5. Published by Bethesda, The Old Blood takes you back to Castle Wolfenstein in the first part, under deep catacombs, along rivers, and just about every area capable of showing off id Tech 5's broad graphical prowess. The game is split in two parts, offering quite a fair amount of gameplay hours for the price, and expands on an already diverse arsenal of weapons. The game focuses a lot on its new duel wielding melee weapons, the trusty rusty water pipe, which is use to climb surfaces and make stabby-stabby motions into various nazi meatbags (in true Wolfenstein fashion, no less). The game features the odd boss battle, though none quite as diverse as the previous Return to Castle Wolfenstein title. In that regard, most of the enemies and weapons are similar, with just a few additions. The primary area of change is the addition to story content, which is one of the many reasons the game's price is so low. Which is admirable really.

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