‘Call of Duty 4’ Still Provides Thrills Modern Shooters Can’t Match

It's eight years old. Its parent series is derided in the press for its lack of innovation. But the original 'Modern Warfare' still rules.

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JMaine5181280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

The best COD in the series followed by WAW. I enjoy the simple multiplayer shooters. Give me an arsenal and a few perk slots and I'm good. This is why I also prefer Uncharted 2 MP > Uncharted 3 MP

mikeslemonade1279d ago

Nope.. Here's what you guys need to learn. COD4 is the "best one of its time". Given the time element COD4 is the best and of the the best games ever made.

BUT.. pretty much every COD iteration after improves on the next one. Now they did add stuff that players did not like but overall every game improved somewhat. So I don't agree that COD4 provides a thrill that isn't matched today.

Neixus1279d ago

How is a game ''improving'' if it adds stuff people don't like?

DARK WITNESS1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@ mikeslemonade

The biggest pile of crap I have read all day.

more does not always equal better...

The only thing that arguably (ARGUABLY) has improved is the graphics and to offset that the network code has got worse with each game.

The map designs have just got plain rubbish to the point of if you're not running round like a headless chicken with an smg your only other option is to sit with your back to a wall.

I don't know anybody who prefers the new cods over cod4 and the only reason they have stopped playing it is because of modders who have ruined COD4 online.

yezz1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Exactly. Adding things is pretty much the core problem of Call of Duty at the moment. More and more, bigger and bigger... Just stop for a moment and think about what made the game so great.

Current maps are rubbish and campaigns are just "America, fuck yeah!". They should look at their old campaign missions like Vendetta from WaW, that opening sequence is just brilliant, dark and gritty. But they're clearly making these games for kids now so I doubt we'll see something like that any time soon...

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BattleAxe1279d ago

@ JMaineGaming

100% agree with you on both game series.

Qrphe1279d ago

Call of Duty 4 IS a modern shooter though

TheColbertinator1279d ago

Still miss its amazing campaign and my favorite map : Chinatown

chizzy2011279d ago

Release again on ps4/xone. Oh and patch pc version it game pad support. Best cod by far. Not to much and not to little. Good balanced game, with the best maps

PaulFiend1279d ago

Best CoD ever! And I'm even not a CoD fan...

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