UK Retailer GAME Steps Up Retro Offerings in Marketplace Listings

Earlier this year the biggest specialist game retailer in the UK, GAME, launched its online marketplace that allows independent sellers to distribute their own ranges of t-shirts, merchandise and even retro games. At launch in March the selection of retro titles was almost non-existent, yet now it's been expanded to include a fairly wide range of titles.

As you'd expect Nintendo platforms are well represented in the retro games section, from SNES through to GameCube and the Game Boy Advance. It's not a particularly thorough resource for hardened collectors, however, with a number of systems missing and the selections being rather limited and - in some cases - pricey. For those yet to become familiar with the collecting scene that want to make a start, however, or perhaps hoping to pick up a particular classic with minimal effort, it's certainly a decent option.

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