The witcher 3's PC settings IGN Gameplay

Customize absolutely everything on the PC version of The Witcher 3.

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Zero1091280d ago

Maaaan I can't wait. Finished TW1 & 2 last week. 4 more days....just 4 more days until we have it people!

Meltic1280d ago

mee2 finished them yesterday :)

mikeslemonade1279d ago

Witcher 3 reviews the story of W1 and W2 in the beginning. Saved me 70 hours of life.

Gonna turn all those settings on. Of course I don't care about motion blur or shadows so I will turn those off If I'm not getting 50 frames.

jmd7491279d ago

They haven't freaking enabled Nvidia Hairworks!!! that's the main feature I want to see in action.

methegreatone1279d ago


Some youtubers have it enabled in the videos they recorded. You can watch those. It does look pretty good.

Meltic1279d ago

Got more GIF or videos of hairworks ? where did u find that video ?

methegreatone1279d ago

Not too happy with the graphics options menu to be honest. There's just a few sliders and that's it. Where are all the other usual options ? Oh well...

On the bright side, you can customize almost EVERYTHING about the HUD and stuff. That's absolutely brilliant. You can remove enemy health bars. You can remove the quest pointer thing, rescale the hud etc etc. I know lot of PC gamers going to be really happy about that.

starchild1279d ago

How can you say that? There's quite a lot of settings to adjust. I've seen more in a few games, but most games have fewer settings than this.

Here are the settings in the video:

Nvidia Hairworks
Shadow Quality
Terrain Quality
Water Quality
Grass Density
Texture Quality
Foliage Visibility Range
Detail Level
Motion Blur
Ambient Occlusion
Depth of Field
Cutscene Depth of Field
Chromatic Aberration
Fog and Mist
Light Shafts

That's a lot of settings to tweak. I play a lot of PC games and this is easily in the upper tier in terms of how many graphical elements can be adjusted.

And, yeah, the adjustability of the HUD is outstanding. Very few games, if any, that I have played have allowed you to tweak the HUD with that degree of specificity.