EA Dice Lead Level Designer On Rage-Clicks & Teases Dusted Off Game Mode

Star Wars Battlefront's Lead level designer Dennis Brännvall has a discussions with an 'unsatisfied' fan following Brännvall's tweet about how his soul is hurt by rage-clicks from the media.

The lead level designer also teases a dusted off game mode that plays even better than before.

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OrangePowerz1252d ago

I agree with him I said the same before that it's a reboot and they didn't make a Battlefront before and have to start from the beginning and can't build upon thr foundation of the previous ones because they didn't make them.

It's always those people that jave no idea about the subject who think they know better than the people who make the game.

rdgneoz31252d ago

First off, holy run on sentence batman! Second, if you're going to reboot a series, then put in the time and dedication to make it a game worthy of the name. You don't just take the name of series, nerf the amount of content in it / do a half ass job, and try to release it quickly like one of your annual game series.

It's not even like they're splitting their time between a single player mode and multiplayer. They have just MP competitive and a few co-op missions. And they'll only have "more than 8 maps" at launch... 8 maps and a few co-op missions... They're really busy working hard.

Put in the effort and do the series justice. It basically seems like they only care about cashing in on the game releasing around the time of the movie. Take a page from the Mad Max game and delay it a bit longer to release a game deserving of the name.

Callediceman1252d ago

Wow, Sounds like you already played the completed game! How about this, let's be adults and wait for it to come out and see if it's any good. It amazes me how so many people can just write off somthing while having little knowledge of the finished product. More content doesn't necassarily mean better content. I for one will withold my judgement until I can make an educated assessment of the game.

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago

"seems the ones that know the very least about game development, are the ones asking for such things"



"They have just MP competitive and a few co-op missions. And they'll only have "more than 8 maps" at launch... 8 maps and a few co-op missions.."


..this games has offline missions like the first 2 games.

Mind you..thats 12 at launch with 2 more coming after.

Even the DLC that many are stating is being held back from the main game...

Soooo you have the nerve to question a team yet you don't even factually know whats in the game? Bud...stop reading misinformation and just google whats in the game.

It has both a single and multiplayer, offline and online and co-op...

Mind you...we still have information about the game coming out until its release.

Its not to add those features from BF2 isn't the same task, your talking about a game released 10 years ago.....more goes into a game today then what did 10 years ago.

Mind you, I only think we don't see space battles now merely because they are likely trying to make it much more epic and integrated in the MP. It wasn't in the BF2. It was a mode, it wasn't like the same flow of the BF series where you could go from ground, to flight.

They likely are seeking a planet, to space type thing. That is not only massive in complexity, its not even what the first 2 SW BF EVER attempted. Its worth them taking the time to make it right vs rushing out junk to fit a bullet point.

...SW BF1 didn't even have space battles, that was when 2 released. Soooooo with this being DICE's first crack at it, it would make sense for them to actually add it in the second when they actually can make it work correctly.

Pandemic made 2 SW BF games...not DICE and even Pandemic would likely admit to it being a different ball game when factoring in the complexity of games now and engines now vs 10 years ago.

Games are not created like this copy and paste thing that many seem to assume regarding sequels...this one isn't even a sequel, its reboot from DICE's perspective. We have no clue just how deep the game is to even judge what the team has done to render such a decision as them doing a um "half-ass job".

At least wait til the game is released before rushing to state such a thing. What makes it even worst and most gamers are citing information that isn't even fact.

SilentNegotiator1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

How do you "reboot" an established universe Massive Multiplayer shooter?

Way to lower the bar. They just don't want to take time to add all of the expected features and you're enabling them. It's EA, FFS; they can spend the resources to create a full Battlefront game.

RegorL1251d ago

Waiting until it is perfect...

That is the kind of approach that kills game studios. A game (or any non trivial computer program) will never be perfect. Lets delay for a year...
* VR is out (mass market PS4 and PC)
We have to update for VR
VR requires low latency and at least 60 FPS
We have to rewrite our engine...
* 3 years later (minimum), these models look really bad
we better update them and their animations
* 1 year later...

Lets instead assume that Frostbite and Star Wars Battlefront have been "lasy" working on stuff not yet released. We know they do DX12 and Vulkan graphics drivers for PC. We know they rather scale down pixels than update frequency. We know they experiment with VR.

What if EA/DICE actually tries to innovate?!

OrangePowerz1251d ago

I'm not enabling anybody if the final product isn't good in my opinion you can be sure that I will voice my complaints in a constructive way. As opposed to what is currently going on.

"a full Battlefront game" how do you know it's not? Because it doesn't have space battles equals it's not a full Battlefront game? So the first one wasn't a full Battlefront game either?

They have to build the game from the ground up. Do you have any idea how much work that requires?

RegorL1252d ago

More disagrees than agrees...

So you mean that DICE should have
- copied the game modes

- copied the models
low polygon models made from artist interpretation of film
instead of actual 3D scans

- copied the animation
decade old game mechanics instead of motion capture

- possibly updated the textures
photos of item texture that we try to fit on our models

And you would have complained less and actually bought it???

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago

Sorta goes to show how most gamers assume things regarding development of games. The idea of getting "less" when its actually not a sequel but a reboot, it isn't the same team, isn't the same engine etc. Hell, not even the same generation.

This assumption of copy and paste makes no sense and it seems the ones that know the very least about game development, are the ones asking for such things as if it makes any sense. By default to DICE being a great team, this game will outsell the previous BF's easily..

I like that another team is getting a crack at the concept.

SilentNegotiator1252d ago

*Pats EA on the back*

"It's okay, buddy! Take your time! You're only one of the richest game publishers on the planet; how could anyone expect you to put in the time and resources to make a game up to par with its predecessor?"

OrangePowerz1251d ago

That's exactly what I'm talking about. How do you know what ressources and time they put into it? I can guarantee you the people working on it are working their asses off. The people who are just too happy to complain and jump on the game without having seen anything would never put up with the working hours and stress that's needed to make a game.

We won't know how good or bad the game is until we have played it so just throwing complaints around is utter BS and a great disservice to the people working on it. What happened to the tines when the gaming community was looking forward to games? Instead now games get directly under fire when the slightest amount of information is released and ripped to shreds.

Can I complain about your work without knowing anything about it?

RegorL1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

On par - why even attempt to do it?

I want the game to exceed the decade old Battlefront in several areas... (even with the cost of some old features being left out)

@OrangePowerz this is EA, they are so evil that they make terrible games that they force on gamers. "You want to buy this game" That is realism!

Seriously! Don't you think EA would be happy to make the best looking, most innovative, funniest to play, most replayable game of the century? I am pretty sure THAT is their target and it aligns pretty closely to my reason to game.

Sgt_Slaughter1251d ago

...I never understood how a reboot could have less features than a previous game, same developer or not.

It's like releasing a new console with new features, but forgetting older ones that still matter... wait.

All jabbing aside, still holding my breath on how this will turn out. Optimistic, but don't want to be disappointed.

titans99991251d ago

The developer is one dumb ass...the tweets he made is a total cop out...

VER1ON1251d ago

I think he lets the 'fans' get to him too much. Just let it go and deliver a good title.

Ristul1251d ago

They should have named the game something else, like Star Wars - The No Space Battle shootout. ;)

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