Formula Fusion Alpha Footage Has Some Flaws But Shows Promise

One Angry Gamer "R8 Games released some early alpha footage of Formula Fusion, the upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered racing game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The actual gameplay footage clocks at just a minute and while it has some obvious physics and movement flaws, the team is working hard to iron all of that out and that still leaves the game showing some obvious promise."

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AudioEppa1254d ago

Never could understand the appeal to games like this, always felt they were flat out boring, some of them have nice graphical colors but nothing I could play for more than a few minutes.

Vitalogy1252d ago

Have you played wipeout HD on the ps3? Or even wipeout 2048 for the ps vita. I assure you there not 'flat out boring'.

That's a shame sony dismantled sony liverpool studios as I'm sure they'd make a brilliant wipeout title for the ps4.