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FFandMore: "As it stands now, I give the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster a gigantic PASS. The nice shiny new coat of paint is nice, as are the loading times and the option to change to the Original OST, but the fact the RNG/randomness is so broken in the PS4 version just kills it."

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Articuno761281d ago

Some very eagle-eyed observations. I hope these things are just bugs that will be patched.

Raider691281d ago

It sucks that this generation its going to became know has the PATCH IT one due to the lazy work for some developers!

scientificreasoning1281d ago

It's almost like games are vastly more complex then they used to be years ago..............

m-s-8-21281d ago

Also, games back in the late 80's and 90's were just as buggy and broken. There was just no internet available to the masses to whine on so unless you encountered the game and its problems firsthand you were blissfully ignorant.

Sheed1281d ago

this would be a valid sarcastic statment if this wasn't a remake of a game that required no patch over 14 YEARS AGO

abradley1281d ago

Although they are, I detected the Sarcasm, however this is a REMAKE! Not a new game.

The game is no more complicated than it was on launch.

ameliabaz1281d ago

@Sheed: The author is right though. The game didn't need a patch 14 years ago. But it sounds like the PS4 version has bugs that the PS3/Vita HD remaster didn't have. Not sure why Square didn't notice this.

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Nio-Nai1281d ago

You know the difference was with the previous generations?

That when we found a bug it wouldn't be fixed....

What this generation of gamers should be called is the "entitled" generation..

gprime1281d ago

It's not entitlement to expect a game to work after paying $50 for it. Maybe we should go with the "generation of people who don't think paying gamers are entitled to working games", but I suppose that's a bit of a mouthful.

mydyingparadiselost1280d ago

Actually bugs were fixed in older games, but they were fixed for the next batch of games going to retail shelves and with greatest hits editions and such. They weren't always just completely ignored, and for the most part games were tested well enough that most bugs never made it to the game. Now, you have to buy a game 3 months after release to get a product that functions as well as older games did, and even them there are still usually bugs left over , sometimes never to be fixed at all.

3-4-51281d ago

* If their bosses didn't allow the laziness it wouldn't happen.

It starts from the top.

The dev's I'm guessing are probably mostly decently nice people.

antikbaka1281d ago

pretty sure it's better to play this game on vita. smal OLED screen makes miracles

abradley1281d ago

Loving X on PS Vita but I do wish there was a physical version of X-2 on vita.

paul-p19881281d ago

If you import it you get physical... but you need to know Japanese. I bought them that way, mainly because I'm learning Japanese and wanted a challenge, but also because I wanted the physical version for a change (I normally buy all digital)

hkgamer1281d ago

I don't have the ps3 or the ps4 version to compare it with, but the vita version is great.

I'm not sure if its the screen that is making it look better though. Just a small screen which hides a lot of detail so we can't see how old the game actually is.

Eidolon1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I prefer it on Vita and don't care about graphics, just love that it is in HD(cuz SD sucks on HDTV), portable, and has trophies. I have the Vita slim and it looks gorgeous to me.

F0XHOUND1281d ago

The RNG issue literally just caused me to consider if Ill buy it. My save is pretty much done, minus farming drops and the sphere grid.

Aloy-Boyfriend1281d ago

Nah. This review is flawed in many ways. Just say you hate remaster and that's why you are giving it a 2/5.

abradley1281d ago

The game has some glaring bugs that make it unplayable in it's original glory. Yeah I think the 2/5 is harsh but he does give his reasons.

ameliabaz1281d ago

He gave the PS3/Vita remaster a 4/5 though. It's just the PS4 version he gave a low score because it has problems the other versions didn't have.

Blues Cowboy1281d ago

He gave the first remaster 4/5. Do your homework.

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