The 90's Arcade Racer Gets Beautiful WII U Gameplay Trailer

Stephen East writes: "The 90's Arcade Racer is a Kickstarter funded project we haven't discussed here on Cliqist in the past, but I have a feeling we'll be checking it out much more in the future based on the new gameplay video that was just released. In a backer update from earlier today the developer revealed a beautiful WII U gameplay video featuring glorious 60fps racing action."

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marloc_x1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


darthv721252d ago

YAY!!! new news about this game. I have been really patient for this one. Big SEGA arcade fan and this one had me on board from the first pics.

pcz1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

i think the games industry is in serious trouble.

i mean, how many games are being funded by gamers? all these kickstarters, gamers must be the dumbest consumers ever. first of all they convince us to buy additional content through download that once was included as standard as part of a finished product, now they are begging us for money to make the game from scratch. then buy the game once its completed. really people, wake up, you are being had.

and to top it all off, it looks rubbish. it looks crap and has a generic title to round it all off. why would anyone want what is essentially a ridge racer clone, just play ridge racer. is gaming in such a dire state that we are now reduced to playing bad interpretations of classic games? its the gaming equivalent of the movie industry releasing a film called '90s dinosaur film' (ie a rip off of Jurassic park) and people getting excited about it.


randomass1711252d ago

If more people were as negative as you the industry really would be in trouble.

pcz1252d ago

no... look at what is happening- sega are gone, konami look like they are on the way out, nintendo are changing their strategy by adding mobile division... arcades are long gone. looks to me like the industry is changing radically. many studios are literally surviving on fan handouts (ie kickstarter/charity)

maybe within the next few generations console gaming as we know it will be a thing of the past. trends are changing, lifestyle is changing, people havent got the time to spend in front of the tv, people dont even centre their entertainment round the television anymore...

you may call it negative, given the amount of change in the industry, i would say its an inevitability. dont shoot the messenger

gamingpro1252d ago

Nah you just need serious help, never known anyone so miserable, actually scratch that Foxtrot and lol wut, u should all just get together every month and spew all your negativity and hatred to each other as no one else wants to know as everyone else has a thing called a LIFE and are not sado's like u.

jcnba281252d ago

Been waiting forever for this, can't wait.

gameboy11252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Wowsers looks really nice... that was arcade racing at it's best.

Tzuno1252d ago

I really miss cruisin' world, just saying.

DoggyBiscuit1252d ago

I buy this game if price is reasonable

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