Your 'Madden NFL 16' cover athlete is

EA Sports has revealed who will grace the cover of this year's Madden NFL title during a special segment on this evening's SportsCenter.

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bmwfanatic2390d ago

Not a giants fan by any stretch but dude is a beast. Hopefully eli can do something good with him. Also he was putting up crazy numbers with cruz injured cruz and beckham is a scary combo if eli can stop throwing pics.

KwietStorm_BLM2390d ago

We need a running game like a few years ago so Eli will stop forcing it, but yea, scary to think what Odell will do with Cruz on the field, and vice versa.

hangdang2390d ago

Good. Save Gronk from the Madden curse

KwietStorm_BLM2390d ago

Pats can't even beat NYG for the Madden cover haha

nevin12390d ago

I think deflategate was the reason he loss the cover.

Yahdaree2389d ago

The Pats seem to have trouble against the Giants lol

hangdang2388d ago

I'll still take the four super bowls compared to the giants' two

BattleAxe2390d ago

Damn, I wanted Tom Brady.

cl19832389d ago

I appreciate your humor.

spence524902389d ago

Good. Let the Madden curse consume him so Nelson Ahgular and Jordan Matthews can shine in our division.

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