GTR Evolution Nordschleife Lap Video

Takfarinas of has finally posted a video showing a full lap around the Nordschleife track, finally showing us some real gameplay in GTR Evolution. Enjoy.

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BlackCountryBob3744d ago

White gloves; Why is that car being driven by a mime? (or possibly John Virgo circa Big Break!)

Fowack3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

or does that game look really ugly maybe it's for the wii, wait could you imagine a game like that on the wii use the board as a clutch and gas and using the wii thingy's to steer and shift

CViper3744d ago

Ages beyond Gran Turismo, and lightyears past Forza.

I really thought they would improve the visuals a bit though. Kinda disappointed. But the games are great.