10 rules on how to make an episodic game

Chris Wright from Pocket Gamer writes:

"1. Pilots lead the way
The pilot episode is the way TV companies find out if an idea is good. Often the pilot isn't great but will generate the feedback to convince whether an idea has enough potential, as well as what needs to be changed.

2. Small and tasty
Hardly anyone walks out of a film because they're bored or frustrated, but a surprisingly small number of people complete games. This attitude must be crushed if you want a successful episodic game, so every encouragement must be provided to ensure as many players as possible finish."

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Mr_cheese3746d ago

Half life 2 just did it great. I can not wait until Ep3, I only hope it comes to the PS3 same time as every other platform. The game just kept me hooked! want to know what happens!